“There’s no need to cry”: Allie X Returns With Enticingly Eerie Dark-Pop Single “Black Eye”

Allie X "Black Eye" © Marcus Cooper
Allie X "Black Eye" © Marcus Cooper
With her breathtaking new dark-pop single “Black Eye,” Allie X doesn’t beg for your attention; you are simply at her will, whether you realize it or not.
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A tetrad of rough, industrial-like sounds immediately jump towards the ears as quick beats swiftly succeed, bouncing from left to right and back again. An enticing voice carrying a fistful of punchy lyrics follows, “Something bad, comin’ this way darling, don’t look back. With every f’er, keep your eye on the path, or it’ll drive you mad.” The ‘80s inspired synth sounds heard throughout the four-and-a-half-minute track breathe life not only into the single itself – but into the audience just as well.

Black Eye - Allie X
Black Eye – Allie X
Something bad coming this way
Darling, don’t look back with every f’er
Keep your eye on the path or it’ll drive you mad
The world goes ’round
Makes me dizzy but I hold my ground
When I get nauseous I just gag it down
Pound for pound
I gag it down, I gag it down

The aptly timed Friday the 13th release confidently announces the resurrection of Allie X following her two-year hiatus. The dark-pop single “Black Eye” comes just a month shy of the two-year anniversary of her previous 2021 release, itself a 5-song expansion to her album Cape God released the year prior.

It seems as if the 38-year-old musician pulled the song straight out of a VHS campy slasher film that never saw the light of day. Envision the track over the pivotal chase scene as our protagonist makes a final effort to escape the deadly fate that awaits. Will Allie X herself become the final girl? Or, in a twist, will her identity be revealed as the antagonist we cheer on as she escapes in the final moments, just before the screen fades to black, leaving you in a stand-off with your own reflection?

You can’t help but feel the urge to simultaneously run and dance as you get pulled deeper and deeper into the track.

The chorus takes full command over whatever self-functioning control you thought you had – now completely under hypnosis. Though, Allie X doesn’t even have to try to hold your attention captive, the lyrics paired with the vintage sound are an entrancing force.

Oh, hit me, hit me with that super pain
‘Cause a hit feels like I’m dancing in the rain
Gimme that beat
There’s no need to cry,
it’s just a black eye, yeah
Hit me, hit me with that super bass
‘Cause I want tonight to slap me in the face
Gimme that beat
There’s no need to cry,
It’s just a black eye, yeah
Allie X © Marcus Cooper
Allie X © Marcus Cooper

The Halloween released music video finds the bold, dramatically eye-lined artist in a chess match with a mysterious figure donning an Edvard Munch inspired art piece as a mask. Just as the synth is brought in the board comes to life and the singer joins the chessmen turned dancers – potentially becoming a willful pawn of her own creation. The striking choreography complimented by the gothic atmosphere of the video perfectly captures the captivating sensation of the single.

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Stream: “Black Eye” – Allie X

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Black Eye - Allie X

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