“Raw & Unfiltered”: Philadelphia’s Bri Steves Dives into Her Uninhibited, Undeniable Debut Project, ‘TBH’

TBH - Bri Steves
TBH - Bri Steves
Achingly intimate, honest, and unapologetically raw, Bri Steves’ debut ‘TBH’ showcases the Philadelphia multi-hyphenate’s talents as an uninhibited, captivating artist worthy of everyone’s time and attention.
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It’s okay to not have everything figured out: We’re all struggling with darkness and demons.

Been so tired of losing things that felt real close to me,” raps a confessional, heart-on-sleeve Bri Steves at the top of her stunning debut project. “… At first you, and then our baby, I guess I’m supposed to bleed. I act like I’m beyond savage, real opposed to love and marriage… when the truth? The only heartless thing I’ve done was take your leverage.” It’s a sincere and stirring introduction to the Philadelphia multi-hyphenate, setting the scene for what can ultimately be appreciated as an in-depth and unadulterated unveiling of the artist’s heart, mind, and soul. Achingly intimate, honest, and unapologetically raw, TBH showcases Bri Steves’ talents as an uninhibited, undeniably captivating singer, rapper, songwriter, musician, and producer worthy of everyone’s time and attention. 

TBH - Bri Steves
TBH – Bri Steves
It’s too many options, but I
can’t get you on the phone, but that’s life
All alone with my Patrón but that’s right,
I’m pathetic, I said it wasn’t love, I shouldn’t sweat it
I gotta say, new bitch,
gotta new whip, the same tricks,

I’m still falling on the same dick,
on the same shit and I’m

I get it, could’ve come off like you sympathetic
Oh, but when I complain for us, you ain’t go
You only stay when I’m unstable
You get me height but on the way down, I’m down
You kick me every time that I stay down
– “GAF,” Bri Steves

Released July 30, 2021 via Atlantic Records, TBH arrived in the middle of last year as Bri Steves’ debut multi-track “project.” Hailing from Philadelphia, Steves has deftly established herself over the past four years as a dynamic and fast-rising force to be reckoned with, leaning on her skills as a rapper, a singer, a poet, and a producer to set herself apart from her peers. Since she released a string of arresting singles in late 2018, the East Falls-born artist has continuously asserted her indomitable strengths as a compelling lyricist and expressive, head-turning performer. Her soaring singing is matched only by her effortless rap flow, as Steves displayed in 2018’s dazzling hit single “Jealousy.”


Bri Steves © Jimmy Fontaine
Bri Steves © Jimmy Fontaine

Following late 2020’s releases “Stick Up” (ft. Poundside Pop) and “Sober,” Bri Steves returned at the top of 2021 with yet another definitive, defiant showcase of her talents: A seductive, subversive, and stunning outpouring of unapologetic and empowering self-expression, “ANTI QUEEN” is as catchy as it is meaningful. “Steves reimagines what a female MC can and should look and sound like through a fusion of rap and singing, femininity and masculinity, strength and vulnerability,” Atwood Magazine wrote in a feature at the time. “An independent spirit, Steves embraces her individuality through a savage upheaval that is as cool and confident as it is deeply honest and intimate.”

They say I’m not a queen because I walk like that
And I talk like this, and I don’t hold back
They say I’m not a queen, when I act like this
When I dress like that (Ooh), when I flex like this
They say I’m not a queen, ’cause I talk my shit
And I back it up (Ooh), and I don’t ride dick
They say I’m not a queen, ’cause I had an abortion
Oh, she thinks she important?
It’s all bullshit
I’m way too savage, I don’t meet industry standards
I get way too honest when I’m in front of a camera
I had to bet on myself, invest in myself
A queen, that’s on God, can’t think less of myself
I gave you all of me, I need the rest to myself
Why you callin’ me if you don’t want my help?
Stay far from me if you against my health
No one will stop what I just built, hmm
– “ANTI QUEEN,” Bri Steves

Bri Steves Dives into Her Unapologetic & Empowering Anthem “ANTI QUEEN”


A cathartic self-empowered anthem, “ANTI QUEEN” starts an important conversation about what it means to be a female in hip-hop, offering a fervent, heated critique of society’s standards that, in turn, exalts those special eccentricities and nuances that make us different – the characteristics that help us stand out. It’s also the perfect introduction to TBH, which Steves ultimately released on the heels of her single’s success.

Dynamic and assertive, vulnerable and intimate, TBH is a multi-dimensional introduction to Bri Steves’ artistry.

She spills her soul in songs full of smoldering passion and emotional depth; opener “Too Far” is a perfect example of her candid, no-holds-barred songwriting style as well as her singular ability to bring her innermost feelings to life through instantly memorable and alluring performances.

Sitting down with us to discuss her project, Steves quickly turns our attention toward the record’s openness and honesty. “It’s okay to not have everything figured out,” she says. “We’re all struggling with darkness and demons, and it’s girls just like you going through what you are. It’s okay to just be honest about it.”

Music is her vessel of self-expression; these songs are her truths, and for Steves, this is only the introduction – the very start of what we all hope to be a long and promising career.

Bri Steves © Jimmy Fontaine
Bri Steves © Jimmy Fontaine

Beyond music, Bri Steves can also be seen and heard on the first season of NBC’s new music reality competition American Song Contest, representing her home state of Pennsylvania in a bid “to win the country’s vote for the best hit song.” Atlantic Records recently released Steves’ original song, “Plenty Love,” which she first shared via a dazzling performance on the show.

For now however, TBH remains the definitive introduction to Bri Steves. Experience the full project via our below stream, and peek inside this undeniable record with Atwood Magazine as the artist takes us track-by-track through the music and lyrics of her first project!

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:: Inside TBH ::

TBH - Bri Steves

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“Raw. Unfiltered. Contemplative.”

Bri, can you share a little about the story behind this song?

I wrote this record about going through an abortion around the time I got my deal. It was a really dark place for me. At the time I was meeting with Craig, Julie and Kyser at Atlantic and was getting this crazy once-of-a lifetime experience to change my life, while at the same time destroyed ‘cause I ended another life that no one knew about.

I wanted to just get off what I had on my chest. I felt guilty, embarrassed, ashamed for wanting to embrace my new life and not be a mom yet. No one really talks about abortion, for women who choose not to keep it in the end. I wanted that side to be talked about.

Do you have a favorite lyric?
“Got an appointment on Monday
They say I could handle it one way
only thing is I gotta fly out to LA on Thursday
In a meeting for my future
After ending one I just made
And What Craig don’t know is cried
on the plane the whole way”


“Reflective. Transparent. Salty.”

Bri, can you share a little about the story behind this song?

I was having a hard time not being able to get my man back, we had broken up and he was not fucking wit me lol. I had to acknowledge I probably had a big hand in fucking our shit up, so I wrote about it. I got to work on this one with my homie GUAPDAD4000, so that made it real fun. You see a lot of “******-ain’t-shit records” not a lot of “we girls, actually, aint-shit-records”. So after I made it and realized that was the POV, I thought it was a new fresh take and necessary. Surprised myself being accountable lol! We should all do that more.

Do you have a favorite lyric?
“I wish I didn’t give a fuck about you”…


“Unapologetic. Hurt. Self-Loving.”

Bri, can you share a little about the story behind this song?

I made this song after having to walk away from my first real relationship. He had cheated on me and I had to just cut it off. He was sick, but he took me for granted so I had to roll. This song came out of that place. I was using Donnell Jones’ “Where I Wanna Be” sample, one of my favorites. I was writing from the girl’s perspective, the one that’s being played with and is expected to hang around forever. I wrote about loving myself enough to leave.

Do you have a favorite lyric?
“They say you never know
what you have til it’s gone,
and you know you wrong.
But when I’m gone, where you going baby?”


“Drunk. Horny. YOLO.”

Bri, can you share a little about the story behind this song?

I was drunk and missing my ex. LMAO. That’s it! I was being honest about still wanting to fuck my ex despite us being over, and not seeing any problem with that. Sometimes you got strong ties to people, and thats hard to move past. We all go through the drunk dialing ex phase, lol this was just mine.

Do you have a favorite lyric?
“I don’t care if you got that baggage.
I could do better but you my bad habit
You and the liquor two of my distractions
I be fucked up either way”


“Disruptive. Honest. Queenly.”

Bri, can you share a little about the story behind this song?

This was my “fuck the industry” song. I took everything I ever heard any one say about me, and turned it on people’s heads. I just embraced not being perfect. Just ’cause you ain’t what every one wants you to be, doesn’t make you any less dope. I wanted girls to hear it and be like, “Oh she like me.” “I don’t gotta fit this mold to be in the industry.” I wanted girls comfortable being themselves.

Do you have a favorite lyric?
“I’m way to savage
I don’t meet industry standards
I get way to honest
When I’m in front of a camera
Had to bet on myself, invest in myself
A Queen that’s on God
I can’t think less of myself”


“Melodic. Cold-Hearted. Lit.”

Bri, can you share a little about the story behind this song?

I wrote this at a camp in Toronto. I was living life out there, and I was over anybody tryna come back and be my friend… Especially when I was up. I was working with DZL for the first time, and the energy was crazy, this one came out of that fuck it energy. I wanted anybody who wanted to come back after switching up on me to stay where they at. Don’t circle back. This was my ultimate protecting my peace song haha.

Do you have a favorite lyric?
“Don’t come back around over this side
You come back around when you need somebody
Never thought that I was gonna be somebody”


“Honest. Melodic. Nostalgic.”

Bri, can you share a little about the story behind this song?

This was my first Top 15 Urban Radio record. First song I made with Hitmaka. I used the JonB sample “They Don’t Know,” another one of my favorites. I played it for him, and he loved it. I was so hype! Back when I was with my ex, all his friends used to watch everything I did and said online and report it to him. I wasn’t even doing nothing crazy, just tweeting funny things I thought was funny sometimes. But it caused problems. They made him think I was playing him. I wrote this song telling him to stop worrying ‘bout everyone else’s take on our shit. He knew me… that shoulda been enough.

Do you have a favorite lyric?
“You can’t trust everybody baby
Keep em guessing waiting til I leak a statement
They just want attention
I ain’t tryna pay it”


“Futuristic. Hype. Raw.”

Bri, can you share a little about the story behind this song?

I wrote this record when I was in LA – was in for the first time with Nabeyin and Supermario… This was a fun session. The energy in the room was crazy. I wanted something with high-energy; something where I could talk my shit but still sing too. The record became what it was because of the energy in the room. I definitely got my shit off!

Do you have a favorite lyric?
“He wanna see me, catch me on tv, alright
I’m in the big league, better keep dreaming, alright
Said that he need me, I don’t believe it, yea right
everything peachy, ass my ti-tis”


“Bars. Grit. Disruptive.”

Bri, can you share a little about the story behind this song?

I got to make this one with my bro/label-mate Symba, so this one was real special. We all was just talking shit in the room… So Caston put on this crazy ass beat, it was tough and everything else was history. I wanted a rap-only song on my project, that was me getting my shit off and showing that I do rap for real. I get caught up in being melodic ‘cause I love it, but my heart is really wit the bars. Once Symba got on it, I knew we had one.

Do you have a favorite lyric?
“These hoes couldn’t walk in my shoes if I sold em
I wouldn’t pay these bitches attention if I owed em
My ex flame said he met his match but I’m over ‘im
Shoulda held a real bitch down like I told ‘im
How silly is this mf?
Philly in this mufucka
Bitch Better get it right
Like Gilly in this mf”

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TBH - Bri Steves

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