Premiere: The Perseverant Pop/Soul Bounce of Brennan Villines’ “Better Than We’ve Ever Been”

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Buoyant and soulful, Brennan Villines’ new single “Better Than We’ve Ever Been” is an ode to empowerment and coming together, a vibrant testament to human strength and perseverance.

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There’s nothing like tragedy to reveal our colors and bring a community together. Hardships are the truest test of our humanity: They’re where our individual compassion, thoughtfulness, intelligence, etc truly come into play and matter the most. While we would take back any and every tragedy in a heartbeat, it’s worth noting how meaningful, important, special life is when people come together: Buoyant and soulful, Brennan Villines’ new single “Better Than We’ve Ever Been” is an ode to empowerment and coming together, a vibrant testament to human strength and perseverance.

All of this suffering
Seems like a another
plot to pull us all apart
We could play pretend
Like it’s not happening
Or come together and
wipe it all away
like sheets of rain in the dessert
“Better Than We’ve Ever Been” – Brennan Villines

Tragedy is unavoidable; life will always have its downswings. It’s how we handle those times that in so many defines us – shows us our true potentials and our true selves. Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Brennan Villines’ new single “Better Than We’ve Ever Been,” officially out 7/31/2018 via Rockasaurus Records. The latest release off Villines’ upcoming debut EP Make It Work, “Better Than We’ve Ever Been” follows Villines’ 2018 debut single “Bad Habit” (a cross between Honne and Justin Timberlake) and sophomore release “Make It Work” (a boy-band-worthy ballad about ownership over one’s problems and their solutions). It was only a matter of time until Villines released a true bop in every sense of the word, and damn if he doesn’t come in hot on “Better Than We’ve Ever Been.”

Better Than We've Ever Been - Brennan Villines

Better Than We’ve Ever Been – Brennan Villines

Villines took great care to make his new song equally intimate and universal: “Better Than We’ve Ever Been” tells a personal story of recovery and redemption – one which can be transposed to any situation, individual or communal. The song’s chorus radiates warmth and light as Villines sings an optimistic tale, inspired by personal experience but buffered by an honest, sincere faith in the human spirit.

We all fall
but we get back up
We stand tall
when we don’t give in to much
We evolve
for the better and when
We all fall
We are Better Than We’ve Ever Been

“‘Better Than We’ve Ever Been’ is my take on the state of the world and mankind’s ability to come together and overcome injustices and tragedies,” Brennan Villines tells Atwood Magazine. This applies to problems big and small – from the breakups we undergo in our twenties, to the cynicism radiating off (and throughout) Washington, D.C., and beyond. It’s not a question of what problems we have; it’s about how we go about dealing with our issues and solving them.

Do you remember when
It all made sense and we were lovers from afar
It was more simple then
there was no suffering
or constant clutter or cloudy days
I could see in the distance
our dreams began to flutter away

Tragedy is inescapable. Life is going to throw a lot of terrible, terrible things our way: We will learn who are real friends are, and who to let go of; we will discover our own boundaries, and perhaps learn ways around them – to improve and excel. As long as we believe in ourselves, we can hopefully find a way through almost any scenario. Brennan Villines’ “Better Than We’ve Ever Been” may largely revolve around relationships, but dig a little deeper, and you’ll find an artist encouraging us to believe in ourselves through thick and thin. Uplifting and inspired, Villines’ first anthem is one he can, and should be very proud of.

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