Premiere: The Intoxicating Flow & Smoldering Seduction of Bobby Bazini’s “Waterfallin’”

Bobby Bazini © Alexandre Couture
Bobby Bazini © Alexandre Couture
A soothing and smoldering seduction taken off his forthcoming fifth studio album, Bobby Bazini’s “Waterfallin’” stays true to its namesake as a radiant, relentless rush of soulful warmth and wonder.
Stream: “Waterfallin'” – Bobby Bazini

Intoxicating, immersive, and moving with a graceful, gradient flow, Bobby Bazini’s second song of the year is a truly mesmerizing tempest. It’s the kind of all-consuming track that washes over us, pouring its might not only on our ears, but into the very depths of our very souls. A soothing and smoldering seduction, “Waterfallin’” stays true to its namesake as a radiant, relentless rush of soulful warmth and wonder.

Waterfallin’ - Bobby Bazini
Waterfallin’ – Bobby Bazini
Oh, you’re waterfallin’
You’re mesmerizing
You’re steep, steep
Oh, you can make me weak
Bring me to my knees
You’re steep, steep

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Waterfallin’,” the second single from Bobby Bazini’s forthcoming fifth album, Pearl (out August 25 via Bobby Bazini / Spectra Musique). A multi-platinum, JUNO and ADISQ Award nominated artist active for well over a decade now, Bobby Bazini has established himself as a singular voice throughout his native Canada and beyond.

The follow-up to 2020’s fourth album Move Away, his last release with Universal Music Canada, Pearl sees a freshly independent Bazini leaning into the intricate nuances of his golden vocals as, together with producer Connor Seidel, he creates vast, yet insular worlds that comfort even as they provoke an intense emotional response in the listener.

Bobby Bazini © Alexandre Couture
Bobby Bazini © Alexandre Couture

Truly, Pearl promises to be as cathartic as it is compelling.

Pearl was becoming a concept album right down to the very last detail,” Bazini tells Atwood Magazine. “Be it the lyrics, the themes, the order of songs; or in the repetition of certain melodies and vocal tracks to evoke the idea of the sphere; in the interludes when you hear the sea; in the instrument choices (harp, flute, etc.); in the voices that we’d recorded to sound as if they were underwater; in the using of shells as percussion at various times throughout the album, everything, absolutely everything was going to lead us back to the pearl.”

The album’s searing, beautifully orchestrated title track and lead single set the tone of the forthcoming record upon its release in early March. Bazini shines like a beacon of light in the darkness as he sings his own redemption song, delivering a captivating chorus that spills out into a cascade of la la la’s:

Stuck me in the water
Where nobody could find me
Never tried to hate you,
Reflections in the light aren’t what they seem
Self-defense was all I had,
Frozen pearl, never cold as when I had the moon
But I’ma hold on, breathe on
Let the stream run
No more hard livin’
No more head low, just a halo
Yeah, now everybody singin’

“Waterfallin’” builds upon the power and promise of “Pearl,” once again finding Bazini at his very best as he sings over an intimate, hypnotic, and groovy guitar pattern.

I want you to rest
But no, you’re waterfallin’
Just fall (Fall, fall)…
Oh,  you’re waterfallin’

“It all started when my producer, Connor Seidel, showed me some chords he’s had in mind for a long time,” Bazini says of his new single. “Something in the way he played on the nylon guitar made me think of a waterfall. I immediately started singing the melody, ‘Oh you’re waterfallin’,’ thinking of how I felt in that moment. We were both in this creative zone, writing almost every day. My head was constantly searching for ideas and songs. The only thing I could compare it to in that moment was a waterfall, it never stops, always flowing.”

“Later when we recorded the song, we even went as far as trying to replicate the sound of a waterfall with a lot of the instruments like the harp, and piano. Conner Molander (Half Moon Run) plays this amazing piano part. The more the song evolves, the more the waterfall loses control.”

Oh, you say you’re sorry
You say don’t worry
Just breathe, breathe
Tired, broke and weary
Awake but delirious
Just sleep, sleep

A gentle giant of sound, “Waterfallin'” is utterly intoxicating – once again hinting at great things to come from the singer/songwriter’s forthcoming fifth album.

“I had to get those songs out of me,” Bazini says of Pearl. “It’s an album that takes you places; while writing it, I constantly had the echo of the sea in my ears. I hope it’ll be the same for the listener.”

Pearl is out August 25. For now, get lost in the tender rush of “Waterfallin’,” streaming exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

I want you to rest
But no, you’re waterfallin’
Just fall (Fall, fall)…
Oh,  you’re waterfallin’

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Stream: “Waterfallin'” – Bobby Bazini

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Waterfallin’ - Bobby Bazini

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