Today’s Song: Camila Fuchs Takes us on a Psychedelic Trip on the Entrancing “Moon’s Mountain”

On Camila Fuchs’ “Moon’s Mountain,” layers of vocals swirl around your head, flashing noises light up your mind, while a mournful bass vibrates your soul
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The wind sweeps across the mass expanse in front of you. Kicking up enough dust and old memories to almost block the mountains that tower in the background, you glance your friends laughing in the background. You bound over to them, riding the good feelings that emanate from that safety that only being surrounded by good people brings. Then the psychedelics hit.

Welcome to the trip. Welcome to Camila Fuchs’ “Moon’s Mountain.”

Layers and layers of vocals swirl all around your head. Laser noises blast away, lighting up the mountain sides of your mind. A deep, mournful bass repeatedly vibrates your very soul. It builds and grows, achieving a fever pitch of high-pitched vocals and soothing yet urgent beats. Then, like any good psychedelic time, it drifts effortlessly off to rest.


Taken from their upcoming album Kids Talk Sun, and produced by Peter Kember,—who’s fingerprints are all over the track—it’s a snapshot of carefree time of almost childlike freedom and curiosity.

”‘Moon’s Mountain’ is the song that holds memories from creating Kids Talk Sun,” the bands tell Atwood. “It’s the song that references moments and places during this time: Experiencing psychedelics, encountering days with odd coloured skies, the moon drawing the mountain we see from afar, the no-need of being careful, Pete [Kember] coming by and dropping off plants on our doorstep morning after morning, sitting and waiting for the music making to start, the love that spread from day to day.”

The Lisbon-based duo—consisting of Mexico City’s Camila De Laborde and Munich’s Daniel Hermann-Collini–formed in London in 2012, releasing two albums since. Kids Talk Sun is a meditative and experimental take on childhood, recorded outside of Lisbon in a nature-filled place with little restrictions. “It’s named after Monte da Lua, where the album came to light,” says the band. “A place which has a very peculiar microclimate. Temperatures are mild and the forests and mountains create a unique tropical like ecosystem. An ecosystem created by men, an example of how we can turn a place into a positive both-ways-giving space.”

This sense of wonder is a constant throughout “Moon’s Mountain.” De Laborde’s airy vocals effortlessly portrays this sense of anything can happen.

 Close my eyes
What a psychedelic darkness
I remember I was breathing more air in
Because I liked the feeling of pins and needles

“Moon’s Mountain” is a track to get lost in. You can dance between the layers, daydream amongst the beats, and ponder the universe during it’s seemingly-timeless bridge. Equally capable of livening a party or soundtracking your own introspective pondering, Camila Fuchs is the trip we all need. 

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