Feisty Sprint Towards Empowerment in Fieu’s “RUNNING”


Female empowerment, especially that which occurs through self-belief and confidence, is a hot topic that deserves attention and, more importantly, respect. An energetic demonstration of ultimately what can be considered feminism has propelled Fieu, an Australian female fronted outfit, towards new soaring heights. Fieu, meaning ‘heat and fire,’ released a punchy number in early October that exposes her new style produced by a Western Australian producer, Joel Quartermain.

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“RUNNING” accelerates from a seductively sparse start to a high-impact chorus, and the ever-present use of synthesizers creates a hard-hitting progressive vibe that supports the soaring vocals beautifully. This electro-pop number has been tastefully produced to ensure the track isn’t drenched in unnecessary embellishment. Fieu’s vocal range offers another impressive standout element, effortlessly gliding between either extreme for maximum effect.

I still feel you in my mirror, but I know I can’t fight forever

fieu running
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The negative, downgrading spotlight that is so often placed upon females’ fight for rights has been altered through the extensive use of edgy lyrics and sassy beats. Undoubtedly this track faces the big questions head on; what happens when an action that ‘traditionally’ stems from fear is actually a form of personal enrichment? When the pain of indecision has progressed to relief, and a cry for help is ironically endearing?

The bridge is an elongated contrast to the highly energetic verse and chorus backings. Representing the moment of peace, surrounded by inner conflict between doing what is right and what is for the best, the bridge impeccably foreshadows the inevitable decision of running, not necessarily away, but towards empowerment. The breakdown in the bridge is slowly built up by an emergence of many different textures within the sound that results in an explosion of what could be viewed as a decisive decision.

You might not see me coming, but I’m about to take off

Whilst the scenario presented by Fieu is hard hitting and quite deep, the ability to convey such a preppy outlook should be highly commended. This track puts a refreshing, positive angle on what could otherwise be considered quite a dark and twisty avenue.


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