Today’s Song: Cold War Kids Lay Down the Magic in “Waiting for Your Love”

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Cold War Kids’ story is one of endless creativity and staying power, and that’s been reaffirmed this past week with the aching, sweat-dripping, soulfully sweet “Waiting for Your Love.”
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Stream: “Waiting for Your Love” – Cold War Kids

A fiesty drum fill and a cry of passion serve as the bold entrance to Cold War Kids’ latest enchantment. Waiting for Your Love,” the third single off November’s upcoming album NEW AGE NORMS 1 (out November 1, 2019 via AWAL), has the look and feel of a classic rock relic – something The Rolling Stones might have recorded in the Some Girls era. It’s a refreshing lick of R&B from a rock band who have never shied away from bold moves – and yet another sign that Cold War Kids truly are something special.

NEW AGE NORMS - Cold War Kids

NEW AGE NORMS – Cold War Kids

Got a feelin’ for you
I’m not that macho tough kinda man
I want you for your intelligence
Jealousy is not for me
I understand your kind
I was lost when I found
Prowling through the city without food
You took me into your bedroom
And held me all night

Cold War Kids lay down a heavy groove on their new song, blending warm keyboards and a pulsing drum beat with wily, pacified electric guitars and Nathan Willett’s golden vocals to create a smooth R&B experience. What’s so striking about this track is how utterly natural it feels: Willett couldn’t be more at home with his high cries and croons – in truth, his voice has never been clearer – and David Quon’s guitar sounds tailor-made for its funky hits and raunchy solos. The lyrics tell a classic, familiar tale of lovelorn affection, and the music fully submits itself to an intimate longing and impassioned hope.

Got a hunger for you
I’m not like all these other sheep
Not gonna beg you or get on my knees
Total trust is a must
Don’t be afraid of a lie
I see ghosts all around you
Still haunted by the wolves that would hound you
Let me in to protect you
Ooh baby it’s time
I’ve been waiting for your love
I’ve been waiting for your love
I’ve been waiting for your love
Someone to find me when I’m lonely

Out this November, NEW AGE NORMS 1 is the first in a three-part series of albums and the follow-up to Cold War Kids’ acclaimed 2017 record L.A. Divine. Inspired in part by Kanye West’s series of records last year, the NEW AGE NORMS series is intended to be a collection of fresh, raw, and in-the-moment offerings from the band. They’re arriving “without the baggage and hoopla of a full record/tour/concept – more spread out – loose and inspired,” Willett shared via press release. “Make it feel like you are listening to music that was made the night before. NEW AGE NORMS is a phrase Maust had written on a tee shirt. It seemed to summarize this moment we are in as a band and as a country.”

As for “Waiting for Your Love,” this is Cold War Kids sounding their absolute coolest. Sure, Cold War Kids have embraced blue-eyed soul in the past – yet never before has the shoe fit quite as nicely as it does in this instant. The band celebrate fifteen years together this year, and if ever there were a case for groups getting better with age, NEW AGE NORMS 1 seems to be Cold War Kids’ X-Factor. Theirs is a story of endless creativity and staying power, and that’s been reaffirmed this past week with the aching, sweat-dripping, soulfully sweet “Waiting for Your Love.”

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Stream: “Waiting for Your Love” – Cold War Kids

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NEW AGE NORMS - Cold War Kids

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