Interview with Daniel Briskin: An Artist on the Rise

Daniel Briskin © 2018
Daniel Briskin © 2018
17-year-old singer, songwriter, and self-taught producer Daniel Briskin discusses his journey so far and what to expect from him in the future.

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Given the fact he’s only got two track releases under his belt, Daniel Briskin has already garnered a lot of acclaim and support. His latest single “Come with Me” earned him a coveted slot Spotify’s New Music Friday playlist, and his previous debut release “Colder Homes” was premiered with influential tastemaker CLASH. With more music on the horizon, it’s an exciting time for this talented London-based 17-year-old.

Come with Me - Daniel Briskin
Come with Me – Daniel Briskin

Taking influences from the likes of Blood Orange, Mura Masa, and James Blake, Daniel Briskin first showcased his soulful R&B sound on this debut track “Colder Homes.” The track reveals the singer/songwriter’s stunning songwriting abilities as he conveys intimate emotion while still retaining a relatable edge.

While, the follow up “Come with Me” encompasses infatuation in a dream-like manner, embodying the carefree nature of youthful care-free summers. This nostalgia-tinged track also provides ample opportunity for Daniel Briskin to demonstrate of the power of his smooth velvety vocal. It’s evident that his music is self-produced as the track demonstrates a profound understanding of the intersection between Daniel’s vocal and mesmerizing production.

Atwood Magazine spoke to Daniel Briskin about his production process, his releases to date, and his promising future.

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Atwood Magazine: You're a self-taught producer, how and when did you all know that music was what you really wanted to do?

Daniel Briskin: Well, I’ve known from when I was really young that I wanted to be a singer. I started taking production seriously though after I saw a clip of NAO talking about how the only way to truly convey your expression to the fullest is to learn how to make your songs yourself.

Your latest release has a different tone to “Colder Homes.” Was that a purposeful decision or a natural evolution?

Briskin: I guess it was natural. I’d made the song and straight away I knew it was something I wanted to release.

Your music draws from a multitude of different influences. I was wondering if that's a singular artist who inspires you the most?

Briskin: I think there’s a lot of artists that resonate with me. Frank Ocean inspires me the most though.

Daniel Briskin © 2018
Daniel Briskin © 2018

Both of the covers for your single releases depict a sunset in an artistically different way. How do you think that imagery represents your music?

Briskin: I think there’s a mellow feeling and a vibe that a sunset gives out. When you’ve just come back from work or school you have a chance to relax and maybe listen to some tunes.

Your debut release “Colder Homes” features a verse from Alista Marq. How did the collaboration come about?

Briskin: Well there’s a verse that I had previously recorded, but when I was sent some of Alista’s music through Cat. I straight away understood the vision and thought he would be great on the track.

Daniel Briskin © 2018
Daniel Briskin © 2018

Don't say I'm not who you dream about” is such a direct, emotive line which is contrasted by the relative ambiguity of the line “Come with Me.” What's your songwriting process and is it influenced by your vocal delivery?

Briskin: I find that I can’t write the lyrics before the music because the lyrics might not fit the vibe. The music is what drives the lyrics and emotion and there needs to be a tight link between the two.

And finally, so far you've currently released just two tracks. Can we expect any new releases soon? What are you hoping to achieve with your upcoming releases?

Briskin: I’m lining up some new releases currently and I’m so excited for everyone to hear the next one. I think though at the moment I’m just trying to express myself. I see writing lyrics as a diary.

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Come with Me - Daniel Briskin

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