Today’s Song: “Imperfect” Is an Anti-Bullying, Pro-Young Love Hit for Denis Coleman

Denis Coleman 2019
Denis Coleman
Denis Coleman has been defying his age as a musician for most of his life, and that stays the case on the tender anthem, “Imperfect.”
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In his short 16 years on Earth, Denis Coleman has largely been doing to pop music what young Mozart did to classical music: churning out material at a rapid-fire pace well beyond the norm for his age. This gifted up-and-comer began playing the violin at age 5, crafted his first pop song at age 10, and was just 14 when his song “Radio” won the Open Mic UK / FutureMusic’s Songwriter of The Year competition in 2017.

Coleman is a youngster on the rise and is currently finessing his abilities in violin and composition at the Royal College of Music Junior Department in London. But even as the UK-based American teenager seeks to cement his status in the pop music landscape, he also makes sure to offer full support to his growing fan base in the process. As brand ambassador for The Power of Muzik, a mental health and anti-bullying campaign, Coleman has been speaking and performing across British schools for students his age, teaching them to overcome adversity and to always stay true to themselves.

Imperfect - Denis Coleman
Imperfect – Denis Coleman
I could be the one yeah
The one you dream of
And I could be wrong yeah
There’s only one way to know
We could stay the same forever
While the time passes slow
But I know that would never be enough

His latest single, “Imperfect,” is largely an extension of that same message. On the surface, it’s an ode to an adolescent love affair, consistent in topic with his previous singles such as last September’s “You” (which Coleman described as a song which “tries to capture the fun but also the confusion of the early stages of a young romance.”) But the song’s lyrics also serve as a heartwarming gesture for people to stay proud and to embrace their own shortcomings.


“In a world full of Photoshop and social media, the pressure to look and be perfect can be overwhelming,” Denis Coleman explains. “This song is just a little reminder that it’s ok to be imperfect, that at the end of the day our flaws make us who we are.” Or, as he expresses that sentiment in the studio: “you might never be an angel, but look at it from my angle: girl, you’re the best.” Awwwww.

I know I’m perfectly imperfect for you
But girl I promise my intentions are true
So if you gotta little bit of patience
Baby we could make it through
Cause you know that
I’ll be perfectly imperfect for you

It’s familiar thematic fare Justin Bieber and “As Long as You Love Me” comes to mind immediately, while praising a love interest as being “perfectly imperfect” conjures memories of John Legend’s “All of Me” but Coleman possesses enough charm and vocal tenderness to carry the track across the finish line, with plenty of breath to spare. Assisting him in that cause is the lively, dancefloor-ready beat that bursts into explosive synths every time the catchy chorus comes around.

It’s hard to discern how far Coleman will go on the strength of “Imperfect” alone, given that bubbling-under-mainstream scenes is already relatively crowded with cute young guys trying to win the ladies’ affection. But as his audience gradually accumulates— as it should, given that he recently embarked on tour with British pop rock band the Vamps and has a debut EP of his own on the way— listeners will likely come to appreciate the youngster for his talent and good heart. The kid has been making music all his life, and now that the limelight is finally in sight, there’s no reason for him to break tradition.

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Stream: “Imperfect” – Denis Coleman

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Imperfect - Denis Coleman

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