Premiere: Dantevilles’ Thrilling “Fool for You” Is a Sound-Driven Saga of Foolish Love

Dantevilles © Nidge Saunders
Dantevilles © Nidge Saunders
Manchester indie rockers Dantevilles present a love story like every other with a crisp sound that remasters the narrative in a whole new definition. Safely innovating, carefully crafted and a bit of fun. This is “Fool for You.”
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We’ve all played the fool, but never before has it felt this fun: Manchester group Dantevilles’ latest single “Fool for You” is a charming ballad of unrequited love that packs just enough punch to veer from hopeless romance to redemptive romance. From its producer, Courteeners bassist Joseph Cross, to the rich, musical history of Manchester from which the group rises, Fool For You is a living, breathing epitome of the indie-rock genre.

Fool for You - Dantevilles
Fool for You – Dantevilles
Take my money, leave me out to dry,
I don’t think it’s funny that,
you’re happy to tell me your lies
Yesterday you borrowed all my things,
Today you gave me
everything I didn’t need

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Fool for You,” Dantevilles’ exciting second single of 2019. Consisting of Connor McNicholas, Paul Tanton, Jamie Gallagher, and Alexis Panidis, the Manchester group debuted just a year ago with their self-titled EP, running out of the gate with a catchy rock sound and stadium-ready strength. Following the release of “Bloomin’ Flowers” in May, “Fool for You” rides a wave of energy: Dantevilles succeed in creating a track that holds the familiar backbone of a popular genre, with a few refreshing quirks that give them a creative edge worth salvaging.

In a time where rough-cut production and distorted tones are prevalent in popular music, Dantevilles’ polished noise is a welcomed change. “Fool for You” exudes confidence, resulting in an end product that flows with a comfortable mastery. It is clear from the opening chords that Dantevilles have an intimate knowledge of each note, accent and lyric of their work. There is an admirably acute attention to detail that seals together every element of the stellar track like glue.

How could something so good
be misunderstood to you,

How could something so good
be misunderstood to you,

To my delight, you’re right there out of sight,
I’ll always be lonely with you,
To my delight, you’re right there out of sight,
It’s only misunderstood to you
Dantevilles © Nidge Saunders
Dantevilles © Nidge Saunders

While the song’s most notable attributes lie in its polished and composed sound, Dantevilles’ lyricism is also worthy of mention: The vivid storytelling qualities present in the track draw listeners into a colorful saga of angst and a bitter animosity in this tale of cruel romance. Per the band, “Fool for You” captures “a relationship that was very one-sided, but unknowingly one-sided. You can’t chase something that has inevitably ended, no matter how strong you thought it was, if you do, you’re simply being a fool for them.”

Play your best move,
love might be a fickle game,

I wish I’d known that,
you never even felt the same,

Yesterday you taught me,
trusting you was never clean,

Today you’ll tell me,
everything you didn’t mean

Dantevilles’ string of nuanced metaphors and blunt choruses, while not in the running for any literary laureate, shows tremendous potential. At times fragmented and perhaps a little clichéd, Dantevilles’ songwriting steps aside to allow their truly iconic sound speak for itself.

The “Fool for You” narrative belongs to a broken record that has been on replay for centuries, however Dantevilles’ captivating sound serves as the perfect narrator to change it.

Stream “Fool for You” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and pre-save the song on Spotify here!

And I, never wanna be a fool for you,
And I, never wanna fall, never wanna fall,
And I, never wanna be a fool for you,
And I, never wanna fall, never wanna fall.
Stream: “Fool for You” – Dantevilles
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Fool for You - Dantevilles

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