Premiere: Work vs. Love vs. Life, Examined by M1LDL1FE’s “Distraction”

M1LDL1FE © 2017
M1LDL1FE © 2017

How do you prioritize the most important things in your life? How do you classify the difference between what is a distraction and what is not? It’s a constant battle of picking and choosing. M1LDL1FE’s new single, “Distraction,” dives into just that; Being lost and trying to decide what is most important, and how to balance that importance all of the ins and outs that make up your life.

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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Distraction,” the latest single from Singaporean indie pop sextet M1LDL1FE (pronounced “mild-life” // formerly “Take Two”).  “Distraction” opens up lightly psychedelic before transforming into the delightful indie pop rock melody that defines most of the M1LDL1FE sound. Lyrically, the first verse plays into how easy distractions can come about and how easy it can be to give into these distractions. Turbulent drums and silky guitar licks fill the background as lead vocalist sings out,

If your skin is made of light
Get me drunk on cosmic wine
If your eyes are the ocean mists
Then pull me into the abyss
We’re made from the same dust
Like stars from the same dusk
‘Don’t dive in, it’s dangerous’
Hold on, here we go
Distraction - M1LDL1FE
Distraction – M1LDL1FE

The first half of the chorus is catchy and pleasant. The lyrics almost seem as if they could be that of a love song,

All my life
Been tryin’ to find
Your lips
My kiss
They’re made for each other
Hands into the night
It will be alright

But as the ladder half of the verse ensues the meaning of the song comes out, that battle between what you want to do and what you have to do – lucky when these two things line up, but usually not the case.

Take away my heart
To see an ocean deep inside of me
Tear apart my head
And feel infinity consuming me
All my life

Frontman Paddy Ong states that: “It’s a song about coming to terms with the various things in life that are ‘distractions’. Your work is a distraction from your side hustle or life outside the office. Sometimes – even though it feels wrong to admit it – you feel like time with your family or loved ones are distractions too. It’s a song for those times when you feel, ‘I don’t have time for this right now’, but it’s your lover’s birthday dinner and you feel terrible for having those thoughts.”

M1LDL1FE © 2017
M1LDL1FE © 2017

While this song is about various and multiple distractions in life, the second verse zeros in on a more specific distraction, one that has the power to break above the rest, love. The second verse begins and you almost feel the stress in Ong’s voice as he sings out,

Under covers, intertwined like this
Drowning in a golden bliss
Find infinity in your eyes
See myself floating out of sight
Like sand from the same tide
And lights on the shore line
“Up there, it’s just too bright”
Just pull me under

“Distraction” transforms into a melodic musical break before building up to the final chorus and conclusion of the song.  The self-proclaimed “Asian Brandon Flowers band,” M1LDLIFE isn’t far off base with this description. Their sound is that of the delightful indie pop rock our ears love to hear combined with a slightly psychedelic and upbeat vibe. Hailing from Singapore, this band is itching its way to make a name for themselves in the States. Check them out, and help spread the word of these up-and-comers!

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Distraction - M1LDL1FE

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