Today’s Song: Follow Daisy Jones & The Six Down “The River”

Daisy Jones & the Six © Pamela Littky
Daisy Jones & the Six © Pamela Littky
Turbulent and fiery, this no longer fictional band is now a very real and electrifying revival of the classic ‘70s sound. Think Fleetwood Mac, Bruce Springsteen, Elton John, and Joni Mitchell in one cohesive band, at their finest: That is Daisy Jones & The Six. 
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Stream: “The River” – Daisy Jones & The Six

Welcome to the world of that good old rock ‘n’ roll, with a bit of a modern flair. Daisy Jones & The Six were once fictional, but they are now a fully tangible band. The tenth track off their recently released debut album Aurora, entitled “The River,” features the whole band of Blake Mills, Kane Ritchotte, Sam Claifin, Riley Keough, and Z Berg. And let me just say, the vocal blending on this track is truly masterful. One would think that the members of the band had been singing together for a decade, their sound is so tight. It will have you shaking in your go-go boots and searching for a bit of leather, lace, and denim to adorn yourself with.

Aurora - Daisy Jones & The Six
Aurora – Daisy Jones & The Six

In March of 2019, renowned author Taylor Jenkins Reid published Daisy Jones & The Six, an utterly riveting tale about a ‘70s rock band as they explode into the music scene. It tells a heartbreaking, inspiring story of band dynamics, shedding light on the glory and the pain that can come from such an enthralling experience.

The television series, inspired by this bestseller, was released on Prime Video on March 3rd. It features the talents of Sam Claifin, Riley Keough, Suki Waterhouse, Joshua Whitehouse, Sebastian Chacon, Will Harrison, and Nabiyah Be, who take on the roles of the main musicians in this story.

The album was released concurrently on March 2nd via Ellemar Records / Atlantic Records, and as a fan of the book and of all things ‘70s music, this is groundbreaking. My jaw dropped. The album, Aurora, though it strays from the book, is as beautifully engaging, lyrical, groovy, and classic as I could ever have hoped, with strong guitar riffs, achingly gripping vocals, eargasmic chimes, soulful keys, and thoroughly charged drums.

still from Daisy Jones & The Six
still from Daisy Jones & The Six

“The River” may be interpreted as telling the story of the band. It sheds light on how band dynamics work in conjunction with the tumultuous journey to success that is present in the music industry, with lyrics like,

Will you stay with me forever?
Will you chase me in my dreams?
If I throw it all in the river
And let the rhythm take the lead
Will it stay with you whenever
That you lean on me?

This song, like the rest of the album, is an exploration of life and love. It revolves around temptation and gets intimate with lust, leading you to the questions like: What are you willing to risk to reach the height of your capability? Would you follow the river of passions even if it may lead you astray and intimidate your morals? Who would you take on a trek down the river?

It’s a detailed account of the tribulations that are experienced on the path to the top.

The start of the song traverses the distresses that come with love. It presents love as this comfortable ride that saves you from loneliness. Imagine you are a hitchhiker, thumb out, feeling lost in the middle of nowhere, and then up beside you pulls a van, and you are now no longer alone; on a journey with someone who, in a sense saved you. And now the ride is smooth, and you’ve never felt more seen. But what happens when the road forks and one path is winding and full of gravel tumbleweeds crowding the path and on the other side which is straight ahead, but with piling traffic blocking the way? Which do you take?

That’s the story of this song – and it’s also an abridged version of the book. The lyrics indicate that the winding path is chosen and on the way to the desired destination things are up for debate, your faith is quaking and being questioned, but you’re on the rise to something great. Driving home this sentiment of mystery and chance under the name of passion and desire is the repetition in the lyrics which acknowledges being lost and making it known that someone is seen. There is also a keen reference to Fleetwood Mac’s “The Chain,” which is one of the inspirations of this story as a whole. This may be seen in “The River” lyric, “I’m an echo in your shadow, and your shadows, I’m in too deep,” which ties to “The Chain” lyric, “Run in the shadows, damn your love, damn your lies.” Both lyrics indicate a similar story of tackling the paths presented by love, and what sacrifice must be made in relation to them.

Daisy Jones & the Six © Pamela Littky
Daisy Jones & the Six © Pamela Littky

Don’t underestimate Daisy Jones & The Six: They are commanding attention, and deserve it all. So gather a collection of bangles up to your elbows, blow out your hair, and try out a denim-on-denim look. It’s rock ‘n’ roll for the modern age, and you do not want to miss out on it!

You can stream Aurora, including “The River,” now. Daisy Jones & The Six (the show) is available for streaming on Amazon Prime now, with new episodes being released every Friday.

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Stream: “The River” – Daisy Jones & The Six

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Aurora - Daisy Jones & The Six

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