Today’s Song: Anieszka’s Emotional Ascension in “Divine”

Anieszka © Kobla Photography
Anieszka © Kobla Photography
Mauritian-Australian artist Anieszka builds vulnerability through rhythmic touches and reflection in “Divine.”
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Serendipity represents a sense of joy in the unexpected — stumbling upon a union at the right time and place.

Whether you call it fate, luck, or God — there are moments where everything seems to align. With these moments come a sense of peace and gratitude — a divine timing that sparks acknowledgement.

For Anieszka, music has been that sense of serendipity. With Mauritian influence and tradition with vulnerable writing — Anieszka lets listeners be a witness to her journey. She dives deep into what it means to be fearless, to boldly accept a new connection. Anieszka describes it as having to “believe that you are worthy of it and be open to receiving it when it arrives.”

For many, the “it” in question could be many different things. It could mean a new lover, place, or opportunity. Perhaps it means letting go or forgiveness. Maybe it means saying thank you. Maybe it’s an “I’m sorry.” The point is, we all have to step boldly into something. Growth isn’t always linear. Sometimes you have to look back before you let yourself move forward.

Divine - Anieszka
Divine – Anieszka

Independently released July 6, 2023, Anieszka’s latest single “Divine” portrays the beauty in timing and acceptance through action. She opens the piece with acoustic guitar and airy vocals.

You don’t know if you’re ready, for me
But I know we’ve had lifetimes,
remember me?
This moment is divine, timing
Go beyond the mind, you’ll find, you’re free

Anieszka has clear talent in her musicality. With graceful runs that complement the track instrumentals — the piece is simplistic yet layered. The opening lyrics sing of a moment that is freeing in its familiarity — it’s only a matter of time until fruition.

Anieszka © Kobla Photography
Anieszka © Kobla Photography

She goes on to sing:

Every cell in me is calling out to you
I know you like I know myself
Your voice, your scent, your eyes
Make me feel so alive

Many of us can attest to “gut feelings.” There are moments that just feel right, and you are drawn into them. It’s almost like a sense of déjà vu — like you are returning home. Rather than your energy being drained, you are filled up. The only obstacle is yourself. She describes this in the next verse:

I know that you’re scared of, falling
There’s inner work and healing, you feel you need
But can we grow together, face the hard and easy
Let go of the fear, you’ll see, you’re free
Anieszka © Kobla Photography
Anieszka © Kobla Photography

Anieszka © Kobla Photography
Anieszka © Kobla Photography

There is risk that comes with vulnerability. Even so, it is easy to “open up” yet hold back.

When there is an opportunity, being fearless just might be the best bet. Anieszka paints this beautifully with her voice and talent. Effortless and euphoric, “Divine” is about falling in love with being fearless. Accepting moments and people with open arms. Where time is calculated, and connections are orchestrated.

With versatility in afro, R&B, and soul, Anieszka is definitely an artist to be on the watch for. Support her music and stream “Divine” across all platforms.

Here’s to happy listening!

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Stream: “Divine” – Anieszka

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Divine - Anieszka

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