Emily Blue Embraces Imperfection in Fun, Frisky “Bad Decisions”

Emily Blue © Morgan Paije
Emily Blue © Morgan Paije
Chicago indie pop starlet Emily Blue’s frisky new single “Bad Decisions” is a catchy invitation to loosen up, be silly, and have some fun!
Stream: “Bad Decisions” – Emily Blue

The older we get, the more complacent and structured our lives become: After all, we need some semblance of order when we’re trying to support ourselves through this crazy, chaotic world. As such, fun and games seem to become less and less of a priority as the years go by – but it doesn’t have to be that way. Chicago indie pop starlet Emily Blue’s frisky new single “Bad Decisions” is a catchy invitation to loosen up, be silly, and have some fun – a reminder that we really can have our cake and eat it, too.

Bad Decisions - Emily Blue © Morgan Paije
Bad Decisions – Emily Blue
Baby let’s go out tonight,
get out of our heads

maybe you could put
your hands around my hips

cuz I just wanna work you up,
play all night

smoke on a rooftop and watch the sky
let’s do something we might regret

Released June 28 and produced and cowritten by Max Perenchio, “Bad Decisions” is Emily Blue’s second single of 2019 and the latest installment of her forthcoming new EP (due out later this year). Infectious, bright, and drenched in glittery Carly Rae Jepsen-style synth pop licks, “Bad Decisions” reinforces Blue (who also fronts indie pop band Tara Terra) as among independent music’s brightest stars.

Long an Atwood Magazine favorite (we premiered her incredibly powerful debut single “No Pain” and 2016’s subsequent debut album Another Angry Woman), Emily Blue’s strengths lie not only in her vocal expression and evocative songwriting, but also in her ability to exist fluidly within multiple genres at once: She easily walks within both the rock and pop worlds, engaging with audiences of all walks of life through ballads and anthems, synth swirls and guitar chugs and more.

This go-around finds Blue’s solo effort passionately infused in the pop music camp. Deep bass beats pulse alongside shimmering keyboard riffs that help bring out the shine in her voice, which gleams in center stage full of Blue’s natural charisma and effervescent energy.

cuz when I kick it with you
I make a lot of bad moves
I make a lot of bad decisions
I make a lot of bad decisions
Let me take you home
I’ll be the one who never comes through
Keeps you hanging on, oo
I make a lot of bad decisions
Emily Blue © Brandon Holmes
Emily Blue © Brandon Holmes

“‘Bad Decisions’ is a fun and lighthearted way for me to enjoy being imperfect,” Blue tells Atwood Magazine. “It was released during Pride Month as I’m a proud queer artist, and it’s the first of many tracks on a new EP!”

Blue cites Kim Petras, Dorian Electra, and Carly Rae Jepsen as influences, and all three of these movers and shakers can be felt, to a certain degree, in her newest sounds. Brimming with 1980s dance-pop vibes, “Bad Decisions” wants us to move and groove, shake our hips like no one’s watching and sing to our heart’s content.

“Bad Decisions” a carefree indulgence, with a Peter Pan-esque joie de vivre radiating throughout both the music and lyrics.

It’s a call for eternal youth, and for holding onto the twinkle in our eyes for as many years as we have on this Earth.

Now we’re making out and driving too fast
Even though love like this never lasts
Everybody plays it safe, 9-5
going to sleep for the rest of their lives
Let’s give something we can’t get back

While it may be easier to live with no regrets in our younger years, there’s no mandate requiring “growing up” to mean having less fun. Emily Blue reminds us that we can still frolick and play, no matter our age – so long as we’re willing to make mistakes and get a little dirty, lose the uptight attitudes, and just have some fun!

Listen to (and make some) “Bad Decisions” via the below stream, and stay tuned for more from Emily Blue: Her new EP Visual Culture will be out later this year!

Stream: “Bad Decisions” – Emily Blue

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Bad Decisions - Emily Blue © Morgan Paije

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