Today’s Song: Finn Matthews Drops Dreamy Pop Single, “Into the Open”

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Finn Matthews explores how love can change you for the better with dreamy pop single, “Into the Open.”
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“into the Open” – Finn Matthews

Love changes you. Sometimes for the better, sometimes for the worse, but unequivocally it changes you. When you’re lucky, it makes you better and allows you to view life with a new perspective. It allows you to see the best in yourself and even encourages you to love yourself more. Finn Matthews sings about this positive change that love can bring with his new catchy single, “Into the Open.”

Into The Open - Finn Matthews
Into The Open – Finn Matthews

In his words, “This song is about finding the best version of yourself through love. It’s also about understanding that you can always improve your outlook on life and your situation. I wrote this song during a transformative time where I finally began to accept myself and I want others to be inspired to love themselves and do what they love.”

The lead in is almost non-existent, Matthew’s smoothly sharp voice with a beat drop to follow immediately draws you in, singing ‘will you stay a while, will you stay a while?/ ‘cause i’m so lost and i can’t be found (yeah)/ tryin’ not to fight this feeling/ I just need to stop this bleeding.

With a Bazzi element that’s almost a twist of new-age Harry Styles in his vocals, he continues on.

Just wanna be in the moment
I wanna see myself growing
they wanna be us so bad,
but they don’t see what we go thru
and this might not last,
but i’m here just to know you
I put my heart up in your hands
but you might break it, can’t control you

The pre-chorus is stripped to simply Matthews and a piano. His vulnerability pierces through into the chorus before, immediately after, the beat drops back in – a unique juxtaposition as most songs lead to an explosion of a chorus but somehow the reverse in this song allows for an almost continuous hook.

It’s the connection, the hidden message
that sets you free, the intention, different perspectives from what you see
love is endless
wordless expression
sweet memories, yeah
and I’m finally free (ohhhh)

Matthew’s sweet and soulful youth is evident in his music, in the best way. When you’re young you feel things so strongly and paired with that, you’re motivated to grow and be the best version of yourself. This young artist is going places, and we are excited to watch him grow.

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Into The Open - Finn Matthews

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