Premiere: Manchester’s Foxglove Soar with Sweet Fervor on “Give It Up”

Foxglove © Ian the Warlow
Foxglove © Ian the Warlow
A sweet upheaval of passion, “Give It Up” turns turmoil into bliss as Manchester indie pop band Foxglove reckon with a moment of inner truth.
Stream: “Give It Up” – Foxglove

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An indie pop anthem of epic proportions, Foxglove’s new single soars with a singular effervescence. A sweet upheaval of passion, “Give It Up” turns turmoil into bliss as the Manchester four-piece reckon with a moment of inner truth.

Give It Up - Foxglove
Give It Up – Foxglove
I can’t say the real reason of hesitation
I shouldn’t be holding it in
It’s a secret I can’t even tell myself
Too scared to give it up
Too scared to let it go
It used to feel electric but now I think I’ve lost it
I’m in too deep, I’m too tied in
It used to feel electric, but now I think I’ve lost it
I’m in too deep, I’m too tied in

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Give It Up,” the sixth overall release from Foxglove and the band’s first single of 2021. Since debuting in 2019, the Manchester band fronted by Abi White have steadily littered the airwaves with glittering bursts of stripped feeling smothered in smoldering guitars and buoyant, dazzling melodies. Rounded out with Ryan Croney, Joe Myers, and Liam Croney, the band’s short history has seen them tighten and expand their sound while hone their beats, to the point where 2020’s releases “Slow” and “Bright Light” each stand alone as mesmerizing upheavals worthy of repeat listens and round-the-clock enjoyment.

The same can be said of “Give It Up,” a nostalgia-driven song whose ’90s-inspired guitar melodies capture the vulnerability you feel “when you’re ‘too deep’ into a situation to say what you truly want to.” Abi White’s captivating voice churns a wealth of raw emotion into existence as she leads up to an instantly catchy chorus, singing “I’m scared to give it up, give it up” with tenderness and visceral aplomb.

“When we play this song live, it’s a vulnerable and emotive ballad that seems to stop people in their tracks,” White tells Atwood Magazine. “We really wanted to encapsulate this within the recording and weave in the nostalgia from the times we were all growing up in the late 90’s/ early 00’s. I remember singing Avril Lavigne songs in my bedroom, and I feel this song is a nod towards growing up and my childhood.”

I know I won’t find it as good
You’ll give me the coldest shoulder
I try to talk it over but I’m not myself
Whenever I talk it’s unnatural
And this is what it’s become
It used to feel electric, but now I think I’ve lost it
I’m in too deep, I’m too tied in

White’s performance is youthful and energetic, but strikingly mature: She perfectly balances control and chaos as she reels through a stirring confessional.

Foxglove © Ian the Warlow
Foxglove © Ian the Warlow

“‘Give It Up’ was originally stemmed from when we we’re messing about in a practice room playing ‘There She Goes’. We all jammed it out very badly, but a buzz and lots of energy came from it that we said, let’s play around with that riff and create something uplifting and as inspiring as that track,” guitarist Ryan Croney says. “The track originally didn’t have an acoustic, until it came to the recording side to it. At this point we was all heavily into ’90s and ’00s music. Joe had mentioned that his mum always played Teenage Dirtbag to him when he was a kid, as apparently it kept him calm. So we thought, we absolutely love the theme of acoustic guitars going through ’90s tracks just like that specific song, and that just gave Give It Up another element of our favourite genre as a band.”

I’m scared to give it up, give it up
I’m scared to…

“Give It Up” is bright, but nuanced; a colorful and compelling rush of energy that, with the help of Croney’s lush wall of overdrive and White’s expressive vocals, overwhelms the senses and brings out our inner angst in full feverish form. The band had as much fun making this song as it is a thrill to listen to, and that unadulterated passion comes through in the music: This is a song made with love.

Stream “Give It Up” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and stay tuned for more from Manchester’s latest great gift to the music world: We can’t wait to hear what Foxglove cook up next!

Stream: “Give It Up” – Foxglove

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Give It Up - Foxglove

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