Premiere: BENTA Embraces Life’s Beauty on Pulsing “Everybody’s Somebody”

Benta © 2017
Benta © 2017

When we’re young, we’re often told (by someone important in our lives) that we are special. Then, we grow up and discover that everyone else has been told that they are special, too! What’s a person to make of this? How is it that everyone gets to be special?!

The world works in mysterious ways, but it’s true: We are each special and unique, an important notion emphasized in Benta’s entrancing new single, “Everybody’s Somebody.”

I be staring down the Hudson now
So many people walking down that path
But I was looking for her
West side crowd
And I’m a residential west side man
Feel like I should be one to pick her out
But I’m still looking for her
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Everybody’s Somebody,” the hauntingly dark new single from multi-instrumentalist and producer BENTA. Having followed his 2016 debut EP Noir with the propulsive “Road with Seven Lanes” earlier this year, BENTA dons a softer, seductive tone on “Everybody’s Somebody” as he sings a sultry song of identity, time and place.

Benta © 2017
Benta © 2017
I’d be searching for her
like I’m searching for someone I knew
I don’t know I don’t know
I don’t know what she’d want me to do
I’d be searching for her
like I’m searching for some hidden truth
I don’t know I don’t know
I don’t know what I’m trying to prove
Everybody’s somebody

“Everybody’s Somebody” is a track that came to me, conceptually, while sitting in the park along the Hudson River,” reflects the artist, who remains anonymous. “It was a beautiful early summer evening, and I was watching people walk the path, almost expecting to see somebody that I recognized or that was in some way, important.

“But the realization struck me at that point, while seeing all different people from all walks of life, that everybody is somebody. Everybody has a story. And one never knows who will matter within their lives and at what point now, or in the future – and that was the lyrical basis for the track. So on this one, it started with a concept, and then the term “Everybody’s Somebody” sort of encapsulated the moment and I chose to produce a track that was stunningly simple in terms of texture and instrumentation, but also sort of simple in terms of structure. It’s one of my favorites from the upcoming EP, for sure.”

Calming synth beds pulse with a soulful warmth as BENTA compels us to consider our own significance, alongside the individuality of others. It’s a truly remarkable, obvious yet still profound concept: We are all special. Does that mean no one is special? No; in fact, it just makes the world that much more magical a place to exist.

That magic provides the basis for “Everybody’s Somebody,” seeping through BENTA’s words and musical language. We are drawn to the artist’s vision like a moth to a flame: Close your eyes, and you too can find yourself at the edge of the Hudson, watching the passersby and seeing them all for the beautiful individuals they are.

BENTA keeps his existential moment brief through a minimalism that boosts the song’s meaning, without over-emphasizing the point. “Everybody’s Somebody” is quaint yet powerful, a moment of intensity felt by all listeners. Enjoy BENTA’s dark, solemn beauty, exclusively on Atwood Magazine.

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Benta © 2017

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