Today’s Song: “Feast” on Kindelan’s Smoldering, Spicy & Sultry Seduction

Kindelan © Mon Levčenkovaitė
Kindelan © Mon Levčenkovaitė
Food for the ears and for the soul, Kindelan’s tantalizing song “Feast” is a smoldering seduction: An eruption of intimacy manifest in heated, hearty, and softly soothing sound.
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As much a feast for the ears as it is food for the soul, Kindelan’s new single is a smoldering seduction: An eruption of intimacy manifest in heated, hearty, and softly soothing sound. Sparks fly on “Feast,” a tantalizing soul-soaked and jazz-infused folk song that hits heavy and goes down smooth.

Feast - Kindelan
Feast – Kindelan
Chop me up and eat me for breakfast
Serve me with that beat you like
Extra spice, tantalise
Let’s not pretend the others
don’t leave you restless

The cupboard is full, you eat less
I know why
You like me, I live to feed
Oh I’m all you need
So won’t you take a seat

Independently released February 22, 2023, “Feast” is the kind of song we keep coming back to for second helpings (okay, enough food puns for now). Kindelan’s third career single arrived earlier this year alongside news of the Yorkshire artist’s forthcoming debut EP, you can reach me if you try, out May 10. The musical project of singer/songwriter and guitarist Laura Kindelan, Kindelan is in many ways a rebirth: Actively releasing music under her given name for several years now, her new moniker, which she first introduced in early October via the shuffling, syncopated debut single “The Other Side,” showcases a more “jazz infused alternative soul” sound, as opposed to the acoustic folk of her past.

Kindelan © Mon Levčenkovaitė
Kindelan © Mon Levčenkovaitė

Kindelan describes her music as “guitar driven arrangements… broken up with moments of dynamic contrast, layered with organic textures and steeped in rich and considered vocal arrangements.” Add to that a simply stunning singing voice, and everything Kindelan touches turns to pure gold. The artist’s full band includes drummer Luca Ferrara, bassist Sam Curwen, pianist Sam Dolling, and vocalist Amy Clark on backing vocals.

Atwood Magazine previously featured Kindelan’s sophomore single “Hazel Frustration” late last year, praising it as an utterly mesmerizing experience: “It’s visceral emotional passion manifest in a softly stirring, searing jazz-infused folk fever dream. Aching and evocative, this hypnotic song hits the heart in all the right ways.”

Kindelan is quickly establishing herself as an enchanting, dreamily head-turning force, with “Feast” building upon its predecessors’ strong foundations.

The new song builds a smoky, sultry aura around its acoustic instrumentation, with close miking and production accentuating every nuance of both Kindelan’s guitar and her voice. By the time her full band kicks into high gear – providing a wondrous wall of piano, bass, and drums – we’re already enraptured.

Grate me up, oh I like it rough,” Kindelan sings in a provocative second verse. “I want it textured and heavy, I love that you let me.” If you’re paying extra attention to the lyrics and sense some double entendres in the mix – or at the very least, some double meanings – you’re not wrong; “Feast” is creatively multi-dimensional, its allusions an intentional blend of two things we all hold near and dear.

“‘Feast’ began with a jagged, ‘choppy’ tremolo guitar progression and the line that consequently came to mind – “chop me up and eat me for breakfast.” This combination of lyric and sound inspired me to explore words that can be used to simultaneously describe music and food,” Kindelan explains. “I took to my Instagram story in search of these words – which included juicy, crisp, saucy, heavy, textured, warm, rich, smooth, earthy – and crafted a storyline that included them. Then commenced the challenge of marrying up the sounds, arrangement and lyrics within a song. ‘Feast’ was the result.”

Grate me up, oh I like it rough
I want it textured and heavy
I love that you let me
Honey you’re smooth
And bittersweet
So tangle me intertwined in your teeth
You like me
I live to feed
Oh I’m all you need
So take a seat and feast

Kindelan recently followed “Feast” with her fourth single “Can’t Sleep,” a brooding enchantment that sees her in a deeply vulnerable and visceral state. Rising from a whisper into a tender, textured tempest, it’s yet another dazzling example of Laura Kindelan’s artistic vision at work, ensuring that we’ll be listening intently come her debut EP’s release.

you can reach me if you try is out May 10. Fill up on Kindelan’s zesty songs and stay tuned for this piquant and promising debut.

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Stream: “Feast” – Kindelan

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Feast - Kindelan

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