EP Premiere: The Euphoric Heights of Dan Crossley’s Debut ‘Feel’

Feel EP - Dan Crossley
Feel EP - Dan Crossley
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We get off on being free…

There’s a sensational warmth to Dan Crossley’s debut EP: Independently released today, Feel is a record of epic proportions that celebrates life and embraces a wide range of emotion. Crossley, a 21-year-old singer/songwriter originally from Telford, England, introduces himself as an electro-pop tour-de-force, mixing the infectious dance vibes of MØ and Robyn with heart-melting vocals reminiscent of everyone from Backstreet Boys to Shawn Mendes and ZAYN.

Dan Crossley © 2017
Dan Crossley © 2017

Dan Crossley is essentially tailor-made for the top of the charts, and with a little luck, he just might get there. “My tears run dry, at least I feel,” he sings in the evocative title track. Waves of synths create an anthemic backdrop for Crossley’s passionate voice. He carries the weight of the world on his back, singing like it’s his first, last, and only chance to make an impact. It’s an urgency that cannot be avoided, and in this case, it works: Whether he’s looking back on hard times or basking in love, Crossley makes each moment memorable upon impact.

Dan Crossley’s story is one of determination and resilience: The artist moved to London at the ripe age of 17 to pursue a full-time music career, and has been steadily staking his claim ever since. Finally debuting with Feel four years later, Crossley emerges polished, but worldly: Life is not a fairytale, nor is it a nightmare. However, that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy the ride.

Feel truly embodies a spirit of freedom: Dan Crossley implores us to hold our heads up and believe in ourselves, dancing for the good, the bad, and more until we lose ourselves, if only for a second. An emphatic entrance with euphoric heights, Dan Crossley’s Feel EP sets a high bar for the young artist, giving us a taste of his potential. Experience the full EP via our exclusive stream, and peek inside Feel with Atwood Magazine as Dan Crossley provides his own personal take on each of the record’s songs.

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:: Inside Feel ::

Feel EP - Dan Crossley

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Feel was the last song I wrote for the EP. I think as artists in general we’re more emotional, so I wrote this track about how it’s okay not to always feel okay – and you have to take the highs with the lows.


Robyn has always been a big inspiration of mine. I love that she can write a love song to an amazing bass line and club beat. I feel as though whenever I’m in a club there’s nothing better than a song coming on that you can dance to whilst relating to the lyrics. Kryptonite is the ultimate love song surrounded by infectious music about being with that special someone (like an ex) for one last night.

Nothing But Love

Was the second single I wrote for the EP. I wanted to write a song about letting go of all the negativity that’s going on in the world and just for everyone to focus on having a good time. It’s definitely a feel good track making everyone focus on love and positivity.

Treading Water

Having been involved in the music industry from a young age I’ve had a few set backs, which as you can imagine made me feel quite down on myself. However Treading Water is about staying a float and fighting down anything that tries to hold you back.

Risk It All

I wrote this song in dedication to friends and family that I’ve had to move away from in order to work on my music full time. I moved to London at 17 and always felt like I missed my little sisters growing up and vital parts of family life. Risk It All is a message to them to let them know that I’m not only doing this for my future, but also theirs as well.

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Dan Crossley © 2017

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Feel EP – Dan Crossley

Feel EP - Dan Crossley
Feel EP – Dan Crossley

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