Today’s Song: Pushing New Ground with BATTS’ “For Now”

BATTS © I like what you look like
BATTS © I like what you look like

Upon hearing BATTS’ new single “For Now,” for the first time, you’ll need to take a few deep breaths just to catch up to the gorgeous whirlwind of yearning and longing the track manages to rip up.

The track depicts one of the most peaceful and intimate aspects of a relationship, coming home. There is a warmth and familiarity within the lyrics that draws you in, and you end up thinking about that one person that leaves the biggest impression in your life. The whole track has an extremely nostalgic vibe about it, describing moments in a relationship that are simple, but incredibly innocent and pure.

Stay in bed, he said to me,
I’m off on tour, be back next week
I hate waking up without him,
by my side
Miss him already
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For Now,” co-produced by BATTS (Tanya Batt) and Hayden Calnin, forces you to think about the happiest and heaviest memories with this special someone, and this all accumulates into an atmospheric chorus. The chorus is where the heavy twinge of isolation starts to boil to the surface. After fermenting away in both the verses, you will want to belt out the chorus with a redefined urgency fuelled by heartache.

BATTS © I like what you look like
BATTS © I like what you look like
Baby, won’t you come on home, to me
Baby, won’t you come on home, to me
I miss the times where we would laugh so hard,
we’d cry, looking through trees at the sky, so high,
I miss the times where we could lay in bed,
all day and night

For Now” also marks BATTS’ return to her roots, focusing primarily on folk and fusing these sounds with electronic trip-hop. However, BATTS has a unique interest in space, and uses this fascination to write tracks that have a ‘spacey dreamy pop vibe’. The spacious guitar riff and mild use of sonic sounds creates a delicate combination of sounds that accompanies some of the more quite and sparse moments in the track. BATTS’ voice has a pure and focused tone that combines with more breathy elements.  Her voice just adds another authentic element to what is already feels like a sonic dream come true.

BATTS is exploring new genres whilst combining her passion to create pieces of art which are truly unique and memorable. After compiling footage from NASA to create a dreamy video clip, it is clear that BATTS is sure of the direction and focus of her music. BATTS  is pushing for new ground, both sonically, visually and emotionally, as she forces you to  push towards some kind of emotional resolution- no matter how far out of this world it seems to be.

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BATTS © 2017
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