Today’s Song: Weezer’s “Get Right” is the Perfect Bummer Song

Weezer © Crush Music
Weezer © Crush Music
Weezer’s “Get Right” delivers a catchy pop sound but falls short of capturing upbeat summer vibes, offering the perfect twist.

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Weezer’s latest album Pacific Daydream (10/27/17 via Crush Music) is able to capture the go-lucky feelings of summer, even on the coldest days of winter. The album falls in line with Weezer’s newer pop sound. “Get Right” matches the pop sound of the records, but falls short of capturing truly happy summer vibes, offering the perfect twist to an otherwise upbeat album.

I’ve been spending time alone
Thinking ’bout the things that could’ve been
It’s harder on my own
I didn’t think it would turn out like this
I made a shrine with pictures of you
I tried and tried to get to the truth
But I’m afraid to look
And choosing one means losing all the rest
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Written by frontman Rivers Cuomo and Jonny Coffer, the song recounts a relationship that never officially ended – possibly a summer fling. While the other person was ready to move on and accept the unofficial ending of the relationship, Cuomo wasn’t. It seems that Cuomo went into the endeavor wanting more than the other person, as he says, “why won’t you tell me it’s over/ why wouldn’t you tell me; I already know the answer.”

Cuomo saw a lot of potential in the relationship, singing “I’ve been spending time alone / thinking ‘bout things that could’ve been.” He stays optimistic that the other person is waiting, somewhere.

Pacific Daydream - Weezer
Pacific Daydream – Weezer
I know you’re out there waiting for me there
But I don’t know if I can get right
I know you’re out there waiting for me there
But I don’t know if I can get by

Cuomo knows the relationship is over, but hates to admit it. He knows that if he accepts the truth, there is no possibility of the two getting back together, but he doesn’t want to look for that truth because “choosing one means losing all the rest.”

Cuomo sings about falling in love with this person, but being nearly meaningless to them, as he was left in their phone as the man “with alligator shoes.”

Weezer © Jeremy Cowart
Weezer © Jeremy Cowart
Raise your candle high
I would never turn my back on you
I’m your tiger burning bright
Even for just a day or two
There’s something you should probably know
I hate to be the man in your phone
With alligator shoes
Cause I really am in love with you

Cuomo hopes this person will come back because he doesn’t know if he can “get right” without them.

The subtle admission of falling in love in a dead-end relationship is tasteful. “Get Right” is perfectly placed as the bummer relationship song in an upbeat, summery album. Weezer’s track is full of warmth and light, yet balanced with uncertainty and heartache that resonate loud and clear through these colder winter months.

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Pacific Daydream - Weezer

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