Premiere: Half Light Go Track-by-Track Through the Shades of ‘Good Latimer’

half light
half light
Nashville based compositional duo half light dive into their debut EP ‘Good Latimer,’ influenced by ambient, modern composition and progressive electronic music.
Stream: ‘Good Latimer’ – Half Light

Nashville based compositional duo half light understand the limitlessness of music. That a song can hit big and cinematic but with a well-articulated specificity. That a collection of songs can shape shift yet be rooted in one sonic identity.

Atwood Magazine is thrilled to premiere Good Latimer, half light’s debut EP (independently out April 10, 2020). Influenced by ambient, modern composition and progressive electronic music, the compositional duo create music with a clash of vulnerability and power.

half light - good latimer
Good Latimer – half light

“Our first release as half light finds us experimenting with vocal textures as a primary compositional tool. Different combinations of processed vocals help create mood shifts throughout the EP while a constant sonic identity is rooted in one of our favorite instruments – felt piano.”

Good Latimer flexes between darkness and light offering a timely perspective. The EP’s 5 tracks draw up nostalgic memories preserved in a perfecting light and translates them to see what they sound like in a new, perhaps darker, context. “When There’s Nothing Left To Say” sets the tone with a soft, smokey atmosphere. The drone sound has a rumbling depth that is meditating in its repetitive cycles.

half light
half light

Atropa (interlude)” is like haunting sunlight. A blinding madness with a dark undertone… but in a good way. “Good Latimer” hits like Bon Iver underwater. A smooth dissonance, a wonky sense of space, really showcasing the endless nuance and inventiveness of half light’s vocal sound design.

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering half light’s debut EP Good Latimer. Read below for a track-by-track breakdown of the EP’s five tracks from half light themselves!

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Stream: ‘Good Latimer’ – Half Light

Inside Good Latimer

half light - good latimer

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“When There’s Nothing Left To Say”

WTNLTS was initially felt piano with simple “OOOs” on top, but we couldn’t help from manipulating the vocals, which pushed the track into an interesting and uncharted territory for us.

Atropa (interlude)

This dark and unsettling interlude is comprised only of processed vocal layers and synth bass. Atropa reminds us of the mental push back we sometimes get when confronting fears or tragedy.

Good Latimer

Good Latimer is our first piece with lyrics. While lyrics are not something we typically gravitate toward, we made a worthwhile exception for what is now one of our favorite works. Good Latimer is a reflection on religion, which played a large role in both of our formative years.
Martyr tongue, bell rung
In the end your were bold, in the end you were bold
Split lips, sore lungs – ring your hands cold, ring your hands cold
Latimer undone – you did as you were told, you did as you were told
Pharisees have sung you will not grow old, you will not grow old


For us, Unfurled is a work filled with nostalgia. The choir, vinyl record noise, and guitar all possess the ability to draw up feelings from our past. Working on this song also opened up interesting dialogue on how different stimuli act as “nostalgic triggers” for different people.

Coral Vivifica

Aside from being fun to pronounce, Coral Vivifica is a winding, experimental piece with many improvisational elements. Originally beginning as two separate felt piano ideas it quickly evolved into something else due to the unpredictable nature of tape looping. We then layered vocal textures and improvised synth textures. The bass flowing in and out with felt piano in the second movement is one of our favorite moments in the piece.

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Stream: ‘Good Latimer’ – Half Light

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half light - good latimer

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