Today’s Song: lil old man Feels Reflective & Introspective on “i’m sad lol”

im sad lol - lil old man
im sad lol - lil old man
lil old man’s “i’m sad lol” is an effective combination of simple instrumentation, reflective lyrics, and a spacey atmosphere.
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Stream: “i’m sad lol” – lil old man


Though opening up, more often than not, is something easier said than done, perhaps it is made all the more accessible through self-distancing and a casually flippant presentation. Anonymity and face value self-deprecation, even in small degrees, can prove to be effective catalysts when trying to tap into certain emotions or topics for the sake of art. With “i’m sad lol,” artist lil old man seems to be achieving success with this approach.

im sad lol - lil old man
im sad lol – lil old man
Let’s all go cold
No more unfolding our old clothes
Into the night
I’ll try and fight it but you won’t
It’s all aligned
You’re realigned

With emphasis on the “lol,” “i’m sad lol” might give off the impression that the tune will be some sorted mix of sarcasm or angst, yet this is all just presentation. Instead, what lil old man offers is a thoughtful and introspective glance at being at odds with oneself. The appearance of flippancy and detachment sets the listener up for something entirely different form the start of the song and even more so when the vocals enter. lil old man sounds sincere, not ironic or uninvolved, while addressing what seems to be the theme of the song; inward struggle. The vocals are direct, and in keeping with hazy vibe of the mix, are dressed up a bit with reverb emphasizing not only the overall tone of the song, but a sonic analog for the sensation of a looming and perhaps hollow feeling.

i'm sad lol
i’m sad lol
It’s not alright
I’m not alright
This endless fight
I’m sick of fighting
me, myself and I

Instrumentally, “i’m sad lol” maintains both a minimal aesthetic and a spacey vibe throughout. The guitars, while simplistic, play back and forth with each other either meshing harmonically or, through melody and counter melody. They are clean, resonant, and much like the rest of the composition, provide a feeling of reflective descent and inwardness. The rhythm section works towards attaining and maintain a similar atmosphere. While there is certainly a bass present in the mix, it fills out the spaces in the background and is felt rather than immediately noticed. This subtlety provides a gentle, guiding flow which the drums, or vice versa, mimic, never breaking the character of the song. On top of everything else, or perhaps behind everything else, lil old man occupies whatever spaces remain and need be filled in with an ambient synth tone that just seems to swell and weave periodically at various points which works neatly when tying together the overall mood.

“i’m sad lol” is a musical comedown anchored by a small degree of detachment and an even greater degree of investment. lil old man has an ear atmosphere and a way with presentation that makes for an engaging experience.

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Stream: “i’m sad lol” – lil old man

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im sad lol - lil old man

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