Premiere: An Intimate Goodbye in Jeff Basta’s Heavy-Hearted “Find Her Way” ft. TJ Bordeaux

Jeff Basta © 2018
Jeff Basta © 2018
Jeff Basta’s moving, intimate “Find Her Way” featuring TJ Bordeaux is a heavy-hearted letting go of love full of passion and pop brilliance.

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Sometimes you have to let go of the ones you love the most, in order to let them spread their wings and fly. This goes beyond parents and their children, applying to young couples who find one another in youth, but still have to grow on their own. Jeff Basta’s moving, intimate “Find Her Way” featuring TJ Bordeaux is a heavy-hearted letting go of love full of passion and pop brilliance.

I feel her heartbeat
I tell her don’t speak
As she lays next to me
And we both know
That she must go
So she can finally breathe
“Find Her Way” – Jeff Basta ft. TJ Bordeaux

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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Find Her Way,” the second single off 17-year-old Jeff Basta’s upcoming debut album, Akero. An immensely talented producer (he defines himself as “song creator”) hailing from Connecticut, Basta has been uploading dance mixes and remixes to SoundCloud for the past three years, finally releasing his debut single “Broken Heart” (featuring vocals from Caitlin Gilroy) in December 2016 and following up just last month, with his second original song, “Living By the Light” (featuring Miya Segal).

Like 19-year-old Ethan Snoreck (aka wunderkind DJ Whethan), Jeff Basta has an undeniable ear for knowing how to make things POP. His songs aren’t “nice first tries”; they’re fully-realized, incredibly well-produced explorations of, and reflections on life. “Find Her Way” exemplifies Basta’s musical prowess, displaying a lyrical and emotional depth that far surpasses most of the vapid throwaways currently being peddled by the industry’s top labels.

Find Her Way - Jeff Basta
Find Her Way – Jeff Basta
We drive all night to nowhere
Where our past comes back to life
Looking up in a silent prayer
We hope to turn back time

“Find Her Way” immediately bounces into action as TJ Bordeaux sings in time with percussive synths. His voice is so full that it feels as if it’s coming from within: Clear, rich, and with heavy undertones, he sings a somber realization that both cherishes a moment in time, and lets it go.

“For those who feel lost, who feel alone, who worry too much and think too far ahead — I wrote this song to lift myself up when I needed it,” Jeff Basta tells Atwood Magazine. “I hope it does the same for you.”

She’ll find her way I know
By the first light she’ll be home
Chasing the stars of her heart
For years and years she’ll roam
She’ll find her way I know
By the first light she’ll be home
Her faded heart flickers in the light
As she drifts off tonight
Jeff Basta © 2018
Jeff Basta © 2018

Life is a series of special, intimate moments that never last. You grow and change during the in-between, and hopefully you find people with whom you will share many of those powerful experiences. Nevertheless, the truth is that they are all fleeting – transient seconds that take us out of the everyday, making us feel larger than life for a brief, but memorable second. Basta must let go of the one he’s fallen in love with and share so much of his life with.

We don’t part ways with our diaries, despite our writing being so old and our current selves being so different from the people we were when we first laid pen to paper. With a human, the emotional connection is considerably magnified and intensified: That nuance and understanding goes both ways, hence when you separate, it truly feels like a chunk is taken out of you. The loss we experience through saying goodbye to someone we love has an impact on all aspects of our lives.

Still, sometimes we have to part ways because it’s the right thing to do; because it’s an inevitability, an eventuality that must happen in order for two individuals to grow. “Find Her Way” resonates with pain – the pain of love. Bittersweet and poignant, it’s a somber acceptance forever treasuring the connection you had.

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Find Her Way - Jeff Basta

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