“If you love someone, go ahead and say so”: St. Lundi’s Heartrending Ode to Words Unspoken

St. Lundi © Tom Knibbs
St. Lundi © Tom Knibbs
Beautifully simplistic and achingly expressive, British singer/songwriter St. Lundi’s heartrending love song “Say So” is just the kind of tender cleanse we need.
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St. Lundi’s “Say So” is a warm, sweeping emotional whirlwind – and one that evokes imagery of sitting at the beach at dusk, watching the tide roll in, and nursing an aching heart.

This creamy, delectable ear candy of catharsis is as all-consuming as it is unrelenting. Most of us know what it is like to long to tell someone how much we care for them, but to be afraid to say the words. It can be a struggle to get through life without that person by your side, holding onto a truth that only you know.

Say So - St. Lundi
Say So – St. Lundi
Oh I’m breaking
There’s a world upon this map and it’s fading
Every time I look around yeah it’s changing
And I don’t know where to be without you

Released June 21, 2024 via Good Taste Recordings, “Say So” is St. Lundi’s third song release of the year and the latest single off his upcoming debut album, The Island (out September 20, 2024). Born Archie Langley, Hayling Island native (South Coast UK) crafts wistful, yet soaring music with messages that fully strike a chord. Touching on personal themes of family, love and life’s most profound moments, he always follows his heart – to the point where even his songs say as much. His passionate, open quality has garnered him many loyal fans and collaborations with iconic talents like KYGO and Seeb. This latest single provides that same captivating vulnerability.

By the ocean
All the waves are rolling out in slow motion
And I don’t know how to swim so I’m floating
Hoping somehow it’ll lead me to you

This pensive piece draws us in with buttery vocals gliding across poignant piano keys. The more St. Lundi sings in his fiery tone, the more we are reminded to tell the ones closest to us we love them.

St. Lundi © Tom Knibbs
St. Lundi © Tom Knibbs

St. Lundi reveals, “I wrote ‘Say So’ about my relationship with my father. We’d not spoken for nearly five years after falling out and no matter what I tried to do, nothing could replace our relationship. One day I realized maybe he’s not so good at talking because he never really had a father. So I reached out… and ever since we’ve been closer than ever.”

If you love someone go ahead and say so
‘Cause soon they might be gone
and you’ll wish you’d said so
I’ve been running out of time
but I didn’t want to try
and I know it’s only ever been
You that I needed
If you love someone,
oh if you love someone go ahead and

Within the stunning tapestry of “Say So,” St. Lundi lets it all go. This version of himself, steeped in raw sentiment, takes listeners on an intimate path that you don’t want to get off of. We are with him every step of the journey. This gives us the courage to live out our own truth as well. It is wholly inspiring.

It’s a different life
Yesterday we were eye to eye
Now I’ve found my way
To the traffic lights but they only turn for you
St. Lundi © Tom Knibbs
St. Lundi © Tom Knibbs

St. Lundi © Tom Knibbs
St. Lundi © Tom Knibbs

The biggest take away from the track is that words hold so much power. There are songs like John Mayer’s “Say” and Sara Bareilles’ “Brave” that also illustrate this concept. They say actions speak louder than words, but words can also at times be the catalyst for action and change. It can all start with a few words, one talk.

Say so, say so, say so say so, say so, say so
If you love someone go ahead and say so

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Stream: “Say So” – St. Lundi

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Say So - St. Lundi

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