This Just In: JP Saxe & Charlotte Lawrence Compel with Phenomenal “The Few Things”

The Few Things - JP Saxe, Charlotte Lawrence
The Few Things - JP Saxe, Charlotte Lawrence
JP Saxe reenergizes his inspired “The Few Things” with help from rising star Charlotte Lawrence to create an intimate duet that’s stunning, surprising, and singular.

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JP Saxe’s viral single “The Few Things” just got a fresh boost. Given the conversational nature of the track’s awe-inspiring lyrics, it’s more than fitting that this beautiful song has been re-worked to incorporate a second vocalist. In turning “The Few Things” into a duet, Toronto-born, Los Angeles-based singer/songwriter JP Saxe enlisted the help of rising star Charlotte Lawrence, whose recently-released magnificent debut EP Young marked her as an Atwood artist to watch.

Released via Black Box on August 10, 2018, “The Few Things” is a masterclass in lyricism that serves to highlight both the purity and the reality of being in love. Depicting the harsh truths of a relationship in a raw way that feels authentic and genuine intensifies the effect of the track’s more fancifully romantic lyricism: The line, “I want you to unravel me” is extraordinarily vivid, serving to highlight the unnerving, yet electrifying desire to be completely and utterly vulnerable with someone else.

I want you to unravel me…
I don’t say what’s on my mind
quite as much as you’d like me to
I’ve been hearing that my whole life, I promise, it’s not just you
But I so confidently want you that
When you say you’re insecure about my feelings I don’t take it serious
But if you need me to tell you more
Listen: “The Few Things” – JP Saxe, Charlotte Lawrence

“The Few Things” starts off with JP Saxe’s expressive vocal, which serves as an anchor for the track’s subtle yet remarkably compelling instrumentation. The chorus showcases the duo’s remarkable, impassioned harmonies. While their individual voices have their own distinctive qualities, it feels as though Saxe and Lawrence’s bewitching tones were made one another.

The Few Things - JP Saxe, Charlotte Lawrence
The Few Things – JP Saxe, Charlotte Lawrence
I don’t say what’s on my mind quite as much as you’d like me to
And often when I’m quiet you worry I’m hiding from you
And I know I keep a lot to myself
But still you’re more part of me than anybody else
So if you need me to tell you more

The second verse (above) offers the first opportunity to hear Charlotte Lawrence’s vocals on their own. The beauty and allure of her voice completely encapsulates the sentiment of the track. The emotion is palpable in her utterances, engaging elegantly with the track’s lyricism in an enticing fashion.

Meanwhile, the pair blend their voice beautifully in a raw chorus begging for intimate connection, knowledge, and understanding:

You’re one of the few things that I’m sure of
You’re one of the few things that I know already
I could build my world of
One of the few things that I’m sure of
And I want you to unravel me
Come closer, come closer

JP Saxe’s 2017 debut single “Changed” marked him as an artist who is thoroughly dedicated to crafting lyricism that’s not just elegantly exquisite, but accessible and alluring too. His words have this indescribable, yet undeniable power to make the enthralled listener recall their own intimate memories, and think about their own relationships in a profound way. The introspective and reflective nature of his work invites contemplation and self-reflection in a way most music simply doesn’t do:

I’ve been calling different cities home
looking for the parts of me you didn’t get to know
I know myself a little more the more I let you go
I’ve been calling different cities home
but only on the days my hands are cold
cause I fell for you that morning in the snow
here in California you’re not on my mind much more
only on the days my hands are cold
you like to tell me I changed
like anybody really stays the same

On the other hand, Charlotte Lawrence has recently collaborated with the likes of recent Atwood interviewees Nina Nesbitt, Sasha Sloan, and YUNGBLUD, in addition to recently releasing her own phenomenal debut EP in late June 2018. Her approach to music is uncompromising and defiant, resulting in songs that are refreshingly engrossing. Even in the relative infancy of her career, she’s shown amazing diversity as an artist. It’s evident that she feels just as comfortable performing her own high-powered anthemic tracks like “Sweet Talking” as she does singing songs like “The Few Things,” or her own remarkable ballad, “Everybody Loves You.”

For a track that was originally a solo release for JP Saxe, “The Few Things” feels naturally suited to this duet collaboration. With her flawless yet delicate vocal, Charlotte Lawrence adds another astonishing layer to this already-dazzling song. To put it simply, JP Saxe and Charlotte Lawrence’s “The Few Things” is a strikingly reflective duet that’s stunning, surprising, and singular.

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The Few Things - JP Saxe, Charlotte Lawrence

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