Today’s Song: KTJ & CARLY’s Sizzling “Falling onto You” ft. Laprete Evokes the Fiery Passion of a Toxic Partnership

KTJ & CARLY © Joseph Lee
Hauntingly intense and achingly evocative, sister duo KTJ & CARLY’s bold, seductive new single “Falling onto You” (ft. Laprete) dives deep into the world of a negative, persistent cycle.
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Stream: “Falling onto You” – KTJ & CARLY, Laprete

There is a fierce warmth that can be consistently heard in KTJ & CARLY’s music, making each release magical.

The two have this intense vulnerability that listeners are magnetically drawn to, and “Falling onto You” – their latest single, featuring singer/songwriter and producer Laprete – is no exception.

From the bouncing, static beat that hits hard from the top and courses the whole way through to their seamless, seductive, and all-consuming vocals, we are wholly hooked. The threesome secretes rich, haunting harmonies that make our hair stand on end.

Yet it is not only the unique sonics that will grip you, but also the track’s message itself: In tricky relationships, we often feel as if we are walking a tightrope. At any moment, there could be that fall. “Falling onto You” seamlessly relays this chilling idea through its smoldering sonics and masterfully woven storytelling.

Falling onto You - KTJ & CARLY, Laprete
Falling onto You – KTJ & CARLY, Laprete
It’s a big mess
We were walking the wire
We could’ve danced
But you keep playing with fire
Shot to my heart
You’re just a gun for hire 

Actively releasing music for four years now, KTJ & CARLY are no strangers to Atwood Magazine‘s pages – and considering their effortless vocal synchronizations exuding an endless array of raw, vulnerable emotion, it makes a lot of sense. Identical twins Katie and Carly Haynes, the masterminds behind the project, have unleashed themseles on other recent singles “Pink Ferrari,” “In My Ways” and “Shitty People” – releasing three EPs to date (2020’s Identity, 2021’s Ego Death, and 2023’s NUKETOWN) that capture their talent, musical prowess, and the limitless depth of their creativity.

“It’s truly rare to find twin-sister pop/rock artists and songwriters who resonate with each other and their audience so profoundly,” wrote Atwood Magazine‘s Julius Robinson in 2023.

KTJ & CARLY and Laprete © Joseph Lee
KTJ & CARLY and Laprete © Joseph Lee



Each KTJ & CARLY offering is just as captivating as the next, and “Falling onto You” is without a doubt another standout from the powerhouse group.

The pair often examine a profound sense of self within their highly reflective music, their powerful explorations inspiring audiences to dig deep as well. Their new single expresses a love slowly breaking apart like ice cracking beneath the feet. However, there are certainly no cracks when it comes to the skillfulness of their craft.

Ice cracks
Under my shoes
Keep it static no sudden moves
I should jump
Not follow
Cause of the way
You keep me
Falling onto you

If you have ever been in the throes of a toxic romance and find yourself constantly coming back, then this song will hit hard. You can relate to that feeling where everything is sinking, but you refuse to jump ship – no matter how bad it gets, you stick by your partner’s side.

“Falling onto You” is a reminder to release ourselves from the destructive patterns we can fall so easily into. We deserve better, and KTJ & CARLY – together with Laprete – are empowering us to see our worth.

Oh we’re stuck inside the cycle
Can’t you hear it?
Oh it’s tidal
If it was heaven like the Bible
You’d make it hard for survival
But you know I’ll never stop it
Wake the neighborhood shouting
Cause we’re going down
We’re drowning
KTJ & CARLY and Laprete © Joseph Lee
KTJ & CARLY and Laprete © Joseph Lee

Being two sisters that are so close, even roommates together in Los Angeles, KTJ & CARLY possess an underlying synergy flowing through their indie- and electro-pop pieces. With songs that touch on topics many concretely connect to, such as anxiety, heartbreak and the shedding of all ego, it’s easy to feel bonded to the pair. As the two dive headfirst into this intimate track, they offer yet another peek behind the curtain of their world – and we cannot get enough of it.

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Stream: “Falling onto You” – KTJ & CARLY, Laprete

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Falling onto You - KTJ & CARLY, Laprete

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