“Can we just slow down time?”: KTJ & CARLY Long for Adolescence in “Forever Young,” a Stirring Emotional Escape

KTJ & Carly "Forever Young" © Joseph Lee
KTJ & Carly "Forever Young" © Joseph Lee
Musical sister pair KTJ & CARLY illustrate the significance of holding onto a youthful spirit with their gripping new single, “Forever Young.”
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Evoking a dreamlike feeling of floating underwater, KTJ & CARLY’s “Forever Young” is a stirring, emotional escape.

The duo’s latest piece is an ode to accepting the transition into adulthood while also clinging onto that freeing childhood innocence, displaying lush, pillow soft vocals atop haunting piano keys and soaring synths, taking the listener on an intense sonic ride. Many of us are weighed down by adult responsibilities like working long hours, paying bills, budgeting, etc. Within all that, it can be easy to lose your inner child. KTJ & CARLY’s song is an important reminder that, even as you age, you can still remain a kid at heart.

Forever Young - KTJ & Carly
Forever Young – KTJ & Carly
Look into my tired green eyes
Fix me, mend my broken lines
Though I’m close to 25
I still feel like a kid
All of the time
Can we just slow down time?

The masterminds of the duo, Katie and Carly Haynes are back in Atwood Magazine with yet another passionate offering with piercing vulnerability. The twin pop project was last featured with the smoldering “Falling onto You” featuring Laprete, exuding endless warmth: “The two have this intense vulnerability that listeners are magnetically drawn to,” Atwood Magazine wrote upon its release. “From the bouncing, static beat that hits hard from the top and courses the whole way through to their seamless, seductive, and all-consuming vocals, we are wholly hooked.”

Released May 23, “Forever Young” possesses more of that palpable heat as the Haynes sisters stunningly convey a familiar inner battle. As we age, there is profound growth and change occurring yet one can still feel like that same silly kid. Sometimes we just need to embrace that side instead of shaming it.

Though we cannot stay forever young, we can definitely act like it. 

KTJ & Carly "Forever Young" © Joseph Lee
KTJ & Carly “Forever Young” © Joseph Lee
We’ll just stay forever young
Stay forever young
Stay forever young, oh
We’ll just stay forever young
Stay forever young
Stay forever young

When a person is telling an immature joke or goofing off, someone may say to them… grow up. There is a time and place for it, but every now and then it is okay to act a little immature. So often the more time passes the more we lose that vibrant spark of our youth. Who says that we cannot remain just as imaginative and playful as we once were? KTJ & CARLY’s “Forever Young” is their way of reminding themselves and others that there are no rules. Life is what we make it.

“Most days it feels like growing up is so complex,” KTJ & CARLY recently posted on social media. “This song is for those of us navigating the transition from adolescence to adulthood. Most importantly, it’s a reminder, that even if you have to grow up, it doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy life.”

Found my strength
In broken pages
Ripped up rulebooks
Set ablaze I talked to wisdom
Aged with grace
She laughs like she hasn’t lost a day
And she told me to
KTJ & Carly "Forever Young" © Joseph Lee
KTJ & Carly “Forever Young” © Joseph Lee

The twosome have spoken in past releases of letting go of your ego, and in a way, this track represents that idea as well.

There is a critical voice inside that says we have to act and think a certain way. It tells us we are not allowed to screw up and make mistakes. This moody, mesmeric work lets that all go. It unlocks those self-made chains that afflict us through a great epiphany that we can, indeed, stay forever young.

 Stay forever young
(I will stay forever young,
I’m staying young, I’m staying young)
Dreams are severed
Whispered so clever
Want to stay young hearted forever

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Stream: “Forever Young” – KTJ & CARLY

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Forever Young - KTJ & Carly

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