Premiere: Madison Margot’s “Like This” Explores Love’s Intimate Intricacies

Madison Margot © 2017
Madison Margot © 2017
Madison Margot lights a new candle with her sophomore single “Like This,” a catchy and pulsing fire reflecting love’s deeper complexities.

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Okay yes, there’s an argument to be made that Taylor Swift’s “Wildest Dreams” captured the electro-pop euphoria of falling in love so well that it need never be repeated again, but life moves on; we twist and turn, and every moment needs a new soundtrack to capture its special spark. Now that the old Taylor can’t come to the phone anymore, the stage is set for a next generation of artists to ignite our heartstring fantasies. 20-year-old indie pop up-and-comer Madison Margot lights a new candle with her sophomore single “Like This,” a catchy and pulsing fire reflecting love’s deeper complexities.

Tight black jeans, long chocolate hair,
you haven’t seen me in a while, makes sense you’d stare
I act like I don’t care, like i’m over you,
like i’m not even aware

when all I wanna do is run to you, and hug you,
and make you promise to never let me go…
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Madison Margot’s second single “Like This,” produced by Kyle Shearer (Tove Lo), Dibs (Melanie Martinez) and Chris Lyon (Carly Rae Jepsen). Debuting in October with the infectious pop anthem “Virgin in a Red Dress,” LA-based Margot offers fresh perspective with a youthful voice and spirited attitude. Her music “demonstrates the reality of being a young woman searching for true love and a place in today’s world” through resonating lyrics that amplify her self-described genre of “storytelling pop.”

“Like This” builds the scene through descriptive and emotive lyrics: Listening to Margot sing, we feel like we’re there with her, inside her as she reels through the difficulties of aching love, nostalgia, and the forever unanswerable what-ifs.

Like This - Madison Margot
Like This – Madison Margot
Seeing you on this Wednesday night, in San Francisco,
reminds me of the good thing that you made us let go…
You got my heart fluttering,
stomach twist, pure bliss,

got me wondering why I
haven’t been living like this,

I miss you more than I show,
I love you more than you know,

we can’t go on like this,
on like this, on like this!

“I wrote this song about seeing an old love for the first time in a long time and wishing things were different. Wishing love was enough and circumstances didn’t matter. Wishing I could say how I truly felt about things instead of pretending I felt nothing,” Margot shares. “Love is sometimes intricate in that way. This song takes me back to San Francisco and reminds me of all the love I experienced while living there. It has this persistent energy that mimics the city, and I’m so proud of that. It’s a montage of memories every time I️ listen. No matter how things ended up, no matter where I am in the world, I’m forever grateful for that time in my life.”

“Like This” is far more fleshed out than most love songs, a quality that adds to its emotional intensity. While it certainly does feel sonically reminiscent of T-Swift’s Max Martin/Shellback-produced “Wildest Dreams” (itself an amalgam of every electro-pop anthem from 2012-2014), “Like This” gives Margot a proper platform from which to sing her heart out, and unleash all those building emotions.

and now you’re trying to make me mad,
you’re flirting with the girl next to you,
but baby I can’t help but laugh,
’cause we both know i’m the one you’d choose…
and on this Wednesday night, in San Francisco,
i’m reminded of the good thing that you made us let go…

Emotionally-fueled electrifying pop anthems will no doubt some day bear the same nostalgic feeling that ’80s synth tones evoke for us today. Thankfully for Madison Margot, that time’s still a while off – so join her and dwell in the emotional deep end of love’s metaphorical pool. Stream “Like This” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Like This - Madison Margot

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