We’ve Got a Winner: Wishy Score Big With “Love on the Outside,” Their First Single Off Upcoming Debut Album ‘Triple Seven’

Wishy © Alexa Viscius
Wishy © Alexa Viscius
Indianapolis quintet Wishy have perfected the art of creating smooth, catchy hooks, skillfully blending the fuzz and tinges of dream pop from prior decades while solidifying their own unique sound with “Love on the Outside,” the lead single off their debut album, ‘Triple Seven.’
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In the vast and ever-evolving world of music, finding your way through the multitude of artists, songs, and genres that grant access to the ears can be an overwhelming excursion.

However, when you stumble upon a musician who ideally embodies all your particular preferences and aspirations as a listener, the experience is nothing short of euphoric. It transforms into a special moment for you and any musician, creating rapport and practically becoming the definition of a relationship. Without difficulty, Wishy provide anthems that pinpoint all needs. Whether it be yearning, frustration, or heartbreak, they exemplify those qualms with their sound on “Love On The Outside.”

Triple Seven - Wishy
Triple Seven – Wishy

Released May 13, 2024 via Winspear, Wishy’s first song of the year (since last December’s Paradise EP) is skillful, evoking the spirit of ’90s indie pop/rock. It echoes in comparison to other beloved sounds from the past, like Third Eye Blind, Veruca Salt, and Goo Goo Dolls, with a loud redolence of warmth in the instrumentals.

It snatches you back in time to the carefree days of jumping around in a crowd, oblivious to the passing of time and whatever plans you have for the future. The opening riff is instantly addictive and raises an eyebrow at the acoustic and rhythmic pulse that eventually has you nodding your head to the drum beat. 

Woke up again with your name in my mouth.
Drive myself sick not to let it fall out.
‘Cause you say the word,
and I’ll fall at your feet.
Does this mean the world to me?
Wishy © Alexa Viscius
Wishy © Alexa Viscius

Emerging from Indianapolis, Wishy have become the “band to watch.”

Kevin Krauter and Nina Pitchkites, originally friends from high school who front the vocals and guitar, decided to collaborate. After their own solo projects, they reconnected, and both found admiration in each other’s love of The Sundays and other indie-pop heroes. Enlisting Conner Host on drums, fellow guitarist Dimitri Morris, and bassist Mitch Collins, Wishy was born in 2021. On June 16th, 2023, they released their first EP, Mana, and then released their second EP, Paradise, that December, capturing the attention of listeners and creating a gravitational pull, lighting the beacon for a new wave of ostentatious and euphonic variety. Both records are essential in their upcoming catalog, furnishing a solid foundation for their future projects.

Are you down? Are you free?
Are you listening to me at all?
I’m talking ‘bout love on the outside.
Wishy © Alexa Viscius
Wishy © Alexa Viscius

“Love On The Outside” unfolds into a captivating atmosphere.

It exudes a sense of insouciance but displays an awareness of sensibility. It is concise and alluring, and it harks back to the curiosity of shoving a cassette tape into the stereo and letting the resonance consume you. From the guitar, bass line, drum beat, and a very quotable chorus, they become masters of their own craft.

The first song from Wishy’s debut LP Triple Seven (out August 16th, 2024 via Winspear) solidifies itself as one hell of a catchy tune and conjures up excitement for the rest of their first album.

The final question is, are you down?

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Stream: “Love on the Outside” – Wishy

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Triple Seven - Wishy

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