Premiere: LACES Returns with Intimate, Vulnerable “someday is not tonight”

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Passionate and moving, LACES’ new song “someday is not tonight” is a celebration of vulnerability; a full and uninhibited unraveling of the self.

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I color outside the lines tell everyone I’m doing fine, ‘cause someday is not tonight

What is wrong with wearing our truths on the outside? Why, in so many circumstances (social and professional), do we feel the need to hide the way we really feel; to perhaps go so far as to lie in order to cover up whatever’s going on inside? Alt-pop artist LACES challenges this conventional relationship between emotion and society in her new song “someday is not tonight,” a brooding and introspective observation of inner turbulence and the long road between saying and doing.

It’s not always easy to practice what we preach.

Get heady I get high
So turn left ‘til I get right
Or it’s buried…
I burn but do I shine
‘Cause I’m crossing all the lines
‘Til it’s heavy…
“someday is not tonight” – LACES
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “someday is not tonight,” the long-awaited return from LACES. The artist moniker for Jessica Vaughn (formerly Jessie Poland), best known by her previous recording artist identity Charlotte Sometimes, LACES introduced herself in 2015 and 2016 with an evocative self-titled debut EP and subsequent string of powerful singles. Vaughn’s emotive lyricism and dashing pop-savvy sounds have lent her a stunning quality, no matter what name she’s using. Still, the depth and heartfelt candor of her latest work truly feels like the realization of a new level in her decade-long musical career.

“someday is not tonight” is a celebration of vulnerability; a full and uninhibited unraveling of the self.

A warm pop ballad driven by strong beats, melancholic melodies and plaintive pianos, “someday is not tonight” is LACES’ attempt to convey, to herself and others, that it’s “okay to not be okay.” Co-written and produced with Kyle McCammon (of Los Angeles band Lean), the song thoughtfully reflects on our culture’s inherent brokenness: Vulnerability should not be seen as a weakness or a handicap; it ought to be revered and exalted. It takes true bravery and courage to share your full self – whether with a loved one, with friends, or in front of an audience of strangers.

Someday Is Not Tonight - LACES
Someday Is Not Tonight – LACES
I color outside the lines
Tell everyone I’m doing fine,
‘Cause someday is not tonight
Like seasons it takes time
Off my chest and on my mind
‘Cause someday is not tonight

“‘someday is not tonight’ is a song that just poured out of me,” LACES tells Atwood Magazine. “I was working with my friend Kyle and we were supposed to be writing what I normally write – something for TV/Film. For whatever reason I sat at the piano and started to write what would become ‘someday is not tonight.’ It reminded me of when I used to write when I first started. Just letting words and melody flow through me and not judging or analyzing it (a luxury I don’t always have these days).”

LACES © © Chris Wood Pictures
LACES © © Chris Wood Pictures
It’s bored but I’m okay
Called off the worst today,
So it’s alright…
Can’t change but I can pay
Yet no one is getting saved
But we try it…

She continues, “The song is about acknowledging your faults and the tools you use to numb yourself throughout your adult life. The tools that aren’t actually serving you. Being ok with being uncomfortable and knowing that it’s ok not to be ok. It’ll get worked out and your feet are firmly planted on the ground. I know some fans are wondering why I’ve waited so long to release something new from my LACES project. The simple answer is – I didn’t have anything to say. I work mostly behind the scenes these days and it takes a lot of money, time, and energy to put new artist material out. It’s more sacred to me, because it’s more personal. I don’t always have the confidence to share that side of myself. This track felt important though and it also felt like the most honest representation of myself. I think I owe it to myself and my fans to share this conversation.”

The song is about acknowledging your faults and the tools you use to numb yourself throughout your adult life.

So hopes they multiply
And never leave you satisfied
Someday I’ll roll the dice
I dream but it takes time
Off my chest and on my mind
‘Cause someday is not tonight
Ooh… caught in the middle
Ooh… caught in the middle of it

After two long and quiet years, LACES has come back with a moving song whose meaningful message cuts deep and leaves a lasting impression. The singer and songwriter is in peak condition as she gently bemoans our collective fragility and societal failings – the lack of value we place on folks sharing their truths. “someday is not tonight” is inward and outward facing: A song that all of us may look to in times of need for find strength, self-confidence, and more: May this song help those who struggle to be themselves, to understand how beautiful and special they are – just the way they are.

All and all it’s living life
A means doesn’t mean an end
Falling but I’m getting up
Take a second take a breath
Wherever you are – you’re here –
So head up now head up now

LACES is back, at least for a time – and we couldn’t be more thrilled with her latest music. “someday is not tonight” bursts with mellow energy and a genuine lust for life. Stream the new track exclusively on Atwood Magazine ahead of its worldwide release Friday, October 5, 2018!

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Someday Is Not Tonight - LACES

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