Premiere: Sexual Exploration & Indulgence in Georgia Meek’s “SWIM” ft. katie MAC

Georgia Meek and Katie Mac © 2018
Georgia Meek and Katie Mac © 2018

Our potential as women is both as vast and deep as an ocean.

Two eyes meet each other for a brief instant, then look away. They turn again, locking contact for a little longer this time before breaking… and again, and again. Your heartbeat increases, pumping blood faster through your veins and arteries as you realize something’s happening to you: You feel an electricity you hadn’t felt a second ago… There’s something there, between the two of you. One of you has to make the first move, and then ecstasy is yours: Who knows where this will go?

Georgia Meek’s pulsing new single “SWIM” (ft. katie MAC) captures the electricity of sexual exploration and empowerment in an anthemic outpouring of indie pop energy.

I can see the way you’re
looking at me, come at me

This moment started flowing
in slow motion, I’m hoping

Yeah I’m into you, are you into me?
Wanna sail with you,
wanna feel the breeze

It’s natural the way
you’ve got me going, we’re floating
Listen: “SWIM” – Georgia Meek (ft. katie MAC)
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “SWIM,” the second single off Georgia Meek’s upcoming debut EP, Womanhood. Co-written with Nashville, TN indie pop artist katie MAC, “SWIM” finds 23-year-old Londoner Georgia Meek diving deep into her ethos and sharing her full, unabridged self: Mind, body, and soul. The track arrives on the heels of Meek’s official debut single “Bare,” released 30 March 2018, which has already racked up over 300,000 streams and counting. Whereas”Bare” offered a truly Adele-level stripping of the soul with the bombastic balladry to boot, “Swim” finds Meek exploring a more anthemic and intense pop sound – delivering herself in a different, while equally evocative manner.

SWIM - Georgia Meek ft. Katie Mac
SWIM – Georgia Meek ft. Katie Mac

“’SWIM’ explores female sexuality and gender fluidity,” Meek tells Atwood Magazine. “In other words, K Mac & I f*** with some girl on girl.” We feel this release of tension from the song’s very start, as cool melodies flow across one another. Meek’s powerful, inviting voice teases subtle emotions, playing off the surrounding instrumentation and slowly building toward an emphatic crescendo of sound and feeling.

Setting pretense aside, Meek opens up in an explosive chorus full of warmth, desire, and intimate indulgence:

This dance floor is an ocean baby
Let’s get crazy
You can swim but you can’t escape me
The waves don’t phase me
There’s something in the water

Diving into her song’s depths, Meek explains, “‘SWIM’ is about change. The gradual revolution of female empowerment in sexuality, bravery in exploration, and overcoming byproducts of a history of sexist culture by using personal strength to liberate fellow women. Basically, our potential as women is both as vast and deep as an ocean. Once we fight past the breakers, there are calm seas and endless new places to explore. There truly is something in the water.”

Georgia Meek © 2018
Georgia Meek © 2018

A song about breaching the gap and exploring new seas, “Swim” goes the extra length in fully immersing listeners in memorable music with deep meanings.

Replacing all our oxygen
with water, don’t bother

Try’na change my mind
don’t make it awkward, it’s all good

So take a breath, we’re diving in
Grab my hand and kiss my lips
I can see the energy around you
It’s dark blue

Collaborating with katie MAC, a recent newcomer to Nashville’s indie pop scene, Meek is able to blend sounds and stylings – not to mention ideas – from both sides of the Atlantic. “I loved writing with Katie…” she muses. “She threw in a cheeky undertone of sexual experimentation which I adore. There are so many songs where men talk about women f*****g with women, or where the song is sung by a woman, but is pretty sexually exploitative. I don’t think there is enough music in the mainstream that represents the LBGTQ+ community in a realistic way.”

Progressive in the best way possible, “Swim” doesn’t merely embrace sex itself: It looks at the moments of uncertainty, where you’re realizing things are changing – your relationship, the dynamic… And you’re not sure how where this ship is going to steer itself next. The waters aren’t always clear; the tide gets rough, and the waves become murky. Looking down, you can’t always see your toes or touch the floor: As Meek sings, “We’re drowning but we’re ok“…

You said “I can’t look at you the same way”
It’s in your eyes
I feel it when I catch your gaze
To my surprise
We’re drowning but we’re ok
In my whole life, I’ve never let myself feel this way

As catchy as it is provocative, Georgia Meek’s sophomore single opens up a brave new world in an artist we can’t wait to know better. Connect with her via social media below to stay updated as she prepares to release her debut EP Womanhood, and stream “SWIM” exclusively on Atwood Magazine! The single is out on all platforms this Friday, June 1, 2018.

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SWIM - Georgia Meek ft. Katie Mac

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