Premiere: Jane Holiday’s Coming-of-Age Love Story “My Love, Bye Love”

My Love Bye Love
Jane Holiday captures young love’s singular euphoria in “My Love, Bye Love,” a bustling, groovy indulgence of ecstasy, growth, and change.
“My Love, Bye Love” – Jane Holiday

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It used to feel so good to be this empty, but now we’re too far gone…

Young love is wild and free – an endless series of connections over new experiences and explorations of bodies, minds, places, and feelings. Often times, that electricity comes at the expense of others in the vicinity – neglected friends and family who see that love growing, but from the outside. Jane Holiday captures young love’s singular euphoria in “My Love, Bye Love,” a bustling, groovy indulgence of ecstasy, growth, and change.

My Love Bye Love
My Love Bye Love – Jane Holiday
We take another pill
Falling deeper
I lose my feelings
Laying underneath you
It used to feel so good to
Be this empty
But now we’re too far gone

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Jane Holiday’s latest single “My Love, Bye Love,” an indie pop jam infused with feverish dance hooks and popping, funky melodies. The latest in a recent string of dynamic song releases, “My Love, Bye Love” is quintessential Jane Holiday exuberance. In premiering the artist’s debut single “Ballad of Maxine” (currently unavailable on Spotify) at this time last year, Atwood hailed Jane Holiday’s “shiny, infectious and utterly intoxicating alt-pop music” as a fun and finely-crafted introduction to the world.

The artist’s energy and musical passions have grown ever brighter and more evident with his subsequent releases: Songs like “Future Retro Super Soul” and “Something to Believe In” have shown Jane Holiday to be a versatile pop writer with a layered, dynamic dance-friendly sound.

“My Love, Bye Love” finds Jane Holiday immersed in the feelgood bliss of love’s new beginnings – a time when two souls are just learning to live in sync with one another, and in the process discovering themselves anew. The chorus is a celebratory explosion of all that makes this time in life worth embracing:

Can’t keep control of my love
so bye love
Need to get you out my system
Young and superficial
My love, so bye love
And it’s written in the secrets
Searching for a reason
My love, bye love
I’ll try to make you understand
My love, bye love
We’ll chase each other
To the end of the world

“‘My Love, Bye Love’ was written while I was living in New York with my girlfriend,” the now Los Angeles-based Jane Holiday tells Atwood Magazine. “It was one of the earlier times in our lives that we had full freedom and independence… and we fully took advantage of that opportunity. We were running up and down Manhattan, she was studying, I was writing loads of songs, we were kind of just exploring ourselves, each other, exploring a new city, and figuring out what it’s like to find yourself as an adult. On the way you pick up some habits, you lose some, and you learn to deal with what other people think of your choices. Really at the end of the day, fuck em’, but there is a lasting impact on your decisions. But this song is kind of a reflection on that time of my life. A coming of age love story…”

“My Love, Bye Love” resonates with naked and magnetic attraction as Jane Holiday embodies the raw, dazzling brilliance of young love. Stream the single exclusively on Atwood Magazine and get your groove on:

“My Love, Bye Love” – Jane Holiday

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My Love Bye Love

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