Premiere: The Tender Ache of Matthew Pinder’s “Break My Heart and Let Me Go” ft. Molly Bush

Matthew Pinder
Matthew Pinder captures the tender ache of heartbreak in “Break My Heart and Let Me Go” ft. Molly Bush, an intimate and moving confessional.
“Break My Heart and Let Me Go” – Matthew Pinder
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Half of anything isn’t enough, because I’ve had the real thing…

Heartbreak is pure; it’s the pain of love – a reflection of love’s strength, and an affirmation of love’s ability not only to build us up, but also to tear us down. Matthew Pinder captures the tender ache of heartbreak in the mesmerizingly bittersweet “Break My Heart and Let Me Go” featuring Molly Bush, an intimate and moving confessional.

Break My Heart And Let Me Go
Break My Heart and Let Me Go
Break my heart and let me go
You’ve been pacing baby I would know
Write me down I won’t forget
to add one more song to my set
You’ve been rumbling down the road
With feet like wind with your heart on hold
6 more years is a long long time
And I am not inclined to wait you out

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “Break My Heart And Let Me Go” (featuring Molly Bush), the sophomore single off Matthew Pinder’s upcoming debut album Give Me Some Time (out TBD). A singer/songwriter from the Bahamas, Matthew Pinder debuted with 2018’s stirring Too Young To Understand EP.

In reviewing his song “Golden Hour” earlier this month, Atwood Magazine praised Pinder for the delicate grace of his indie folk music. “‘Golden Hour’ is a touchingly sweet tribute to a loved one that floats through the air like leaves on the breeze; gentle, sweet, and utterly calming.

Matthew Pinder
Matthew Pinder

“Break My Heart and Let Me Go” follows “Golden Hour” as Pinder’s second release of 2019. The stripped acoustic song finds him and Nashville songwriter Molly Bush plaintively pouring their souls in to a microphone, as emotionally vulnerable as their performance is raw.

“Both parties feel like the other doesn’t fully understand their point of view,” Matthew Pinder says of the song. “Yet both know that the relationship must end, things can’t go on this way, but there is some strange addiction that prevents this. Both people in the couple list their excuses in their verses as to why this is all so difficult for them. When the song breaks down, both of the speakers do too. Basically admitting that it can be hidden from everyone and they can keep going on even though this clearly isn’t enough for either of them. So once again, the plea from one is that the other would just end this facade. Yet neither has the strength to let go.”

Break my heart but you’ve been told
Theres so many things I can’t control
Waking up I’m holding on
To every single time I’ve been wrong
There’s a spirit sweeping through
But I’ll stay quite naive here with you
Windows locked inside my room
And my heart’s out of sync, out of tune
But I’m not gonna show anyone
What I have, what I’ve lost
Things I’ve done
Because half of anything isn’t enough
Because I’ve had the real thing
Matthew Pinder
Matthew Pinder

“Break My Heart and Let Me Go” is a soothing kind of upheaval: It paints a portrait of sorrow, longing and loss without any kind of romanticization or embellishment. Pinder and Bush capture, in real time, what it’s like to feel utterly hopeless; to want something to happen — some sort of action, change, closure, spark — but to feel stagnated at the same time, and unable to move forward or backward in a struggling relationship. It’s like being on a sinking ship, and having now way of stopping it from going down. It’s a slow, slow departure from this world… one that can leave us breathless, drained, and at a total loss for words.

Pinder and Bush capture this emotion with incredible grace. This is acoustic music at its most powerful: A vivid display of intimate humanity. Stream “Break My Heart and Let Me Go” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

“Break My Heart and Let Me Go” – Matthew Pinder
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Break My Heart And Let Me Go

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