Conflict Breeds Confidence with Maisie Peters’ “Good Enough” & “Blonde”

Maisie Peters © Sonny McCartney
Maisie Peters © Sonny McCartney
Maisie Peters follows up her latest release and certified hit “Blonde” with its sister song, “Good Enough,” a vulnerable display on how hurt breeds healing, and eventually – makes you stronger.
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You don’t become confident out of nowhere. You don’t start to care less about what people think of you out of the blue. You have to go through something, or several things, to get there. Usually, when you are going through it it feels like the end of the world, but the funny thing is, after you do go through it you become thankful. It hardens you – not in a bad way, but in a way that allows you to appreciate yourself, because you know what you’re capable of and how strong you are. It’s these life lessons we would never want to learn again, but are so glad that we learned them, that make us who we are. This is why without hurt, there is no growth. And for Maisie Peters, without “Good Enough” set to release on August 18th, there would be no “Blonde.”

Good Enough - Maisie Peters
Good Enough – Maisie Peters

Peters has ownership on anthems of the summer, coming in hot with “Cate’s Brother” and following up with the equally cathartic banger “Blonde.” (Note: It has to be mentioned that these two anthems have the most satisfying bridges ever – volume must be at a max while listening). And while you may think these two songs, because of their tone and feel, go together – it is actually “Blonde” and Peter’s upcoming release “Good Enough” that are the true pair.

As Peters puts it so perfectly via her Instagram, “I wanted to talk about how important it is to me that these two songs existed as sisters, not separately. I think on an emotional level, it feels so true that you cannot have one without the other; the blind frivolous melodramatic confidence of blonde doesn’t just spring up one day, not without seasons of doubt and sadness and really intense bouts of wondering whether you’re good enough for whatever or whoever it is your heart wants.”

“It felt important that you guys got to see that from me. Also, as a woman who makes pop music, I know that we get pigeonholed one way or another – we’re just pop, or just acoustic, just this or just that. And I love all those genres so much but it matters to me that people know how multifaceted we are; I write whatever music I want to write, and while the songs may sound wildly different, I like to hope the common thread between them is me.”

Stream: “Blonde” – Maisie Peters

Song of the Summer: Maisie Peters' ''Cate's Brother''


I write whatever music I want to write, and while the songs may sound wildly different, I like to hope the common thread between them is me.

With over a million spins on Spotify less than a week after its release, we know “Blonde” is a certified hit.

There is an entire side of TikTok that has taken to dying their hair blonde with the anthemic song as their soundtrack. As Peters told us in 2019 and again in 2021, powerful and thoughtfully planted bridges are something she prides herself on – as she should. Between the plot twist of “Cate’s Brother” and the build into the “Blonde” bridge is as powerful as it’s explosion,

You’ll rue the day you did me wrong
I’ll put your name in all the songs
I’ll twist the knife, it will be fun
F-ing your life up

But like Peters said, there would be no “Blonde” without her upcoming single, “Good Enough” which shows a side of the artist we know and love, but haven’t seen since the release of her album You Signed Up For This with the likes of “Outdoor Pool” and “Hollow”. “Good Enough” is extremely vulnerable and honest. It’s the type of song that people who are going through it will really be able to sit in it with their feelings – she delivers the hurt so effectively.

Never thought I was the greatest
But I was great for you
Just assumed I was your favourite
With no one else to choose
I try to kiss your face, you turn away
No one ever taught me the protocol
What do you do when the good guys change their minds?
Cos I used to think that if I tried my best I’d always win
But I’ll sit in your favourite dress and ask you where you’ve been
People don’t leave people if they really are in love
I was good, just wasn’t good enough
Maisie Peters © Sonny McCartney
Maisie Peters © Sonny McCartney

Maisie Peters © Sonny McCartney
Maisie Peters © Sonny McCartney

Accompanied by simply piano, acoustic guitar and a soft drum beat, Peters vocals and falsettos shine almost effortlessly,

I never said I was perfect, just thought I was perfect for you
But all that was worthless,
‘cos If I couldn’t be one I wouldn’t ever be two
Thought I was your way home but I was an obstacle to move
I never said I was perfect, like you

As Peters notes in her Instagram post, “I painstakingly go through every syllable and word choice, every chord and inversion, and I hope you can hear that in these songs.”

We can. Down to the last seconds of “Good Enough,” the slight inflection up in her second to last singing of the words, “I was good, just wasn’t good enough” is, for lack of a better word, enough to break your heart.

The good thing about sitting in your feelings with this song, and the gift that Peters gave us with her sister release, is that these feelings are temporary, and they will make you so much stronger – oh, and blonder.

Maisie Peters is currently accompanying Ed Sheeran’s ‘+ – = ÷ x Tour’ in Europe and she will be returning to the states for her headline tour ‘i’m telling the whole of america tour’ in the Fall, which already has sold out shows. As always, we look forward to following Maisie and her career – we cannot wait to hear what’s next. Maybe she’ll put his name in a song?

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Stream: “Good Enough” & “Blonde” – Maisie Peters

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Good Enough - Maisie Peters

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