Premiere: Trevor Hall’s Vibrant “Moon / Sun” Radiates with Love

Trevor Hall © Emory Hall
Trevor Hall © Emory Hall

One statement rings out above the rest on Trevor Hall’s new single: I won’t give up on you. A call for love, unity and understanding, “Moon / Sun” is a warm, vibrant outpouring that transcends genre, nationality, and time.

here we go again creation
clap now for the jubilation
look at all that light you making
send it out no reservation
Like a river we let it flow
still hot like a volcano
Mother earth still got my soul
in the hot in the cold
in the rain in the snow, halo
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Trevor Hall’s moving new single “Moon / Sun,” a heartwarming embrace radiating with positive energy. Originally from Hilton Head, an island in South Carolina, singer/songwriter Trevor Hall has developed a distinctly multicultural, many-flavored musical identity. He describes himself as a blender of roots and folk music, but Hall’s content goes deeper than that, embodying a true melting pot of colors, rhythms and textures that set him apart.

“Moon / Sun” feels much like a blend of Matt Corby and Matisyahu, with a strong pull to be in the here and now: Hall’s reverb-laden guitar crafts a feel-good vibe as the rap-sings a dense, vividly poetic verse.

Wish on a butterfly wing
take that crown put it on that king
Sing like a child no care for opinion
real love it cross all dominion
Oh so bountiful
pull it back and let it go
Like ocean wave we powerful
constellation magical
Trevor Hall © Emory Hall
Trevor Hall © Emory Hall

Hall perfectly maneuvers “Moon / Sun” into a catchy, evocative chorus – capturing the wealth of feeling he’s build in the verses, and pushing it out to every single listener to make sure we know that we are a part of this magical “life” he’s talking about – we matter. We are loved.

The Fruitful Darkness Part II - Trevor Hall
The Fruitful Darkness, Part II – Trevor Hall
So this love still hold true
now what you gonna do
I won’t give up on you
Between the moon and sun
this life is never done
I won’t give up on you
Set up set up set up my love
I wont give up on you

According to Trevor Hall, “This song is about the power of community and how your true family’s love will never ever give up on you. That love will follow you to all the corners of the earth and into the darkest realms of your consciousness. It’s a song of celebration and jubilation.”

Love is at its best when it’s shared with others, and there is no better time to express that deep connector than in the present. In that way, “Moon / Sun” truly does shine bright as a powerful reminder of what matters most. In the dark, turbulent moment that has been 2017, we could use a little love and togetherness more than ever.

I won’t give up on you…

Trevor Hall is releasing his first independent album The Fruitful Darkness in installments that corresponded with specifically chosen lunar cycles. “Moon / Sun” is off The Fruitful Darkness Part II EP – the second of those installments. Bask in the resounding heat of this deep jam, and connect with Trevor Hall below for more on him and his dynamic artistry.

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The Fruitful Darkness Part II - Trevor Hall

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