Album Premiere: Sara Marie Barron Sets the Stage with Heartfelt Debut ‘Sad, but True’

Sad, but True - Sara Marie Barron
Sad, but True - Sara Marie Barron
A collection of love songs new and old, Sara Marie Barron’s debut album Sad, But True is a heartfelt, timeless piece of emotive vulnerability.
for fans of Adele, Norah Jones

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There is perhaps nothing more timeless in the canon of popular music than the singer/songwriter. The modern embodiment of the medieval minstrel, singer/songwriters nix the middle men in order to tell you their story, as well as the stories they’ve picked up along the way. Sometimes, their music is sung for entertainment; sometimes, other times, it’s for cathartic and personal release.

Detroit’s Sara Marie Barron encompasses both of these qualities in her burgeoning artistry, following a long line of great singer/songwriters ranging from Sam Cooke to Billy Joel, to Adele and beyond. A collection of love songs new and old, Barron’s debut album Sad, But True is a heartfelt, timeless piece of emotive vulnerability capturing the very best of the singer/songwriter experience.

Let me be your Friday night
Let me be your Sunday morn
Let me be your Monday blues
There Tuesday holding you tight
‘cause boy you’re all I think about
so forget about them other girls
– “Let Me Be Yours
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering Sara Marie Barron’s debut album Sad, But True, independently out August 3, 2018. Poignant, jazzy, soulful, and lyrically expansive, Sad, But True is a fitting introduction to an exciting voice rising fast out of the Midwest. With over a decade’s worth of classical training and experience performing opera and showtunes, Sara Marie Barron knows how to get the most out of just about any song. She fully embodies her emotions when she sings, melting belts and cries, whispers and croons together with the perfect mix of power and personality.

Sad, but True - Sara Marie Barron
Sad, but True – Sara Marie Barron

Best appreciated as a jazzier version of Norah Jones and less bombastic version of Adele, Barron establishes her talents and mood-setting abilities across her debut. “Sad, but True is a collection of songs from the past three years, chronicling all of the love and heartbreaks that happened in that time period,” she tells Atwood Magazine. “It’s as much of a coming-of-age record as it is a book of love stories. Each song gave me healing and taught me a lesson and they all hold a special place in my heart.”

Opening tracks “Let Me Be Yours” and the “That Man” are the indisputable highlights off the record, showcasing Barron’s poetic and personal writing style, which again calls to mind the likes of Adele’s first album, 19. Whereas Sad, But True does not contain an obvious Grammy-winning hit like “Chasing Pavements” to catapult Barron’s career, it certainly provides the fuel for a greater fire to come: Heartbroken ballads like “New York City” and “Does She” get us halfway there, but lack the memorable refrain or explosive chorus to get stuck in our heads forever after.

They say us ladies are the crazies
Well ma have you met my man
Wants to hold me, wants to kiss me
Even wants to have my hand
Treat me like his little baby
Show me what love’s all about
Then the next day, he’s so crazy
Love me, hate me, kick me out
Mama, that man, that man
He is bound to drive me mad
That man, that man
He is bound to drive me mad
– “That Man
Sara Marie Barron © Miles Clark
Sara Marie Barron © Miles Clark

Hearty, bittersweet, and full of passion in the fullest sense of the word, Sad, but True hurts in all the right ways. While it’s a fool’s errand to hail tomorrow before today’s end, Sara Marie Barron’s debut has us most excited for what the future has in store for her: Equipped with incredible vocal and lyrical talents, it’s only a matter of time until the young singer/songwriter strikes gold.

A promising start full of life and love, Sad, but True is exactly the comeuppance an artist like Sara Marie Barron needed to establish her sweet spot and prove her worth. It’s only a matter of time until the rest of the pieces fall into place.

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Sad, but True - Sara Marie Barron

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