Premiere: Love & Hope in Fascinations Grand Chorus’ “When You’re Mine”

Fascinations Grand Chorus © kelli mcguire
Fascinations Grand Chorus © kelli mcguire
Sweet as bubblegum, Fascinations Grand Chorus’ “When You’re Mine” resonates with a timeless teenage innocence – that feeling that love will save you.

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Nostalgia and youth are not the most obvious partners, but their marriage proves especially fruitful for New Jersey’s Fascinations Grand Chorus. “When You’re Mine,” the band’s brand new single, is blissful bubblegum pop wrapped in a cool indie blanket, a love song that can be as happy as it can be sad, depending on who’s listening.

When you’re mine you won’t be in the dark
Not when you’re mine
We’ll find a way that’s honest, and true
And I’ll try to keep you close to heart
I’ll always try
In everything I strive for, and do
Listen: “When You Were Mine” – Fascinations Grand Chorus
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Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering “When You Were Mine,” the lead single off Fascinations Grand Chorus’ forthcoming EP Anglesea (out 12/8/2017 via Silent Stereo Records). Formerly “two rival NY-based songwriters,” Stephanie Cupo and Andrew Pierce came together to form the classic pop duo that is Fascinations Grand Chorus. Students of the ’60s sounds, the band’s first two EPs heavily draw from doo-wop and bubblegum pop, displaying an artistic mastery of a sound not heard on major radio in many, many years.

The duo’s new Anglesea EP finds Fascinations Grand Chorus exploring more of music’s ether, pushing the boundaries of their songwriting while incorporating new sounds and different textures. Think of it as the evolution of The Beatles in 1963 to The Doors in 1967: Compared to their previous works, Anglesea truly is the next level, a deeper exploration of musical possibilities.

Anglesea - Fascinations Grand Chorus
Anglesea – Fascinations Grand Chorus
Ooooh, when you’re mine
Ooooh, when you’re mine,
you’re mine, you’re mine
I’ll make the time and efforts that I should
I’ll make the time
To always keep things different, and new
In the past I didn’t give my all
That was the past
But this will be so different, with you

As Anglesea’s opening track, “When You’re Mine” is something of a bridge between Fascinations Grand Chorus’ past and their present. The band says the song is “sonically inspired by that point where bubblegum meets power pop. We wanted to make a future tense love song, a when not if declaration.”

Still, underneath that hope is a lot of mixed emotion, most of which doesn’t quite come from the song itself, but rather from the listener and where you are in life when you hear this song. For those who have found love, “When You’re Mine” evokes warmth; for those who haven’t found it, the song is tinged with sadness and uncertainty. Stephanie’s voice isn’t singing to one person in particular – instead, she’s singing to the idea of someone; someone she hasn’t met yet.

But when that day comes, she knows what will and won’t happen:

When you’re mine you won’t be in the dark
Not when you’re mine
We’ll find a way that’s honest, and true

“When You’re Mine” is brilliant in that it is so simple, it becomes naturally complex. The song resonates with a timeless teenage innocence – that hopeful feeling that love will come and save you – but how we feel about that love is largely dependent on the listener. One thing is sure, though: This song will get stuck in our heads. Recorded (as the band does with all their content) entirely through analog equipment, “When You’re Mine” blends today with yesterday. It’s a modern relic, a new-age oldie.

And it’s the perfect setup for Anglesea. Stay tuned for more from Fascinations Grand Chorus through connecting with the band below, and don’t miss their promising new EP, out this December!

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Anglesea - Fascinations Grand Chorus

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