Premiere: Nooky Jones Sing a Kind of Sweet Tooth in “Like Candy”

Nooky Jones © Kayla Koterwski
Nooky Jones © Kayla Koterwski
Minneapolis band Nooky Jones capture romance’s sweet caress in their groovy “Like Candy,” a funky and impassioned ode to intimacy.
Stream: “Like Candy” – Nooky Jones

Love is universal, it’s undeniable, and it’s irresistible. Few things in life are as innately hard-wired into our circuitries as this natural human inclination toward connection. Minneapolis band Nooky Jones capture the romance’s sweet caress in their groovy “Like Candy,” a funky, high-sucrose ode to intimacy.

Like Candy - Nooky Jones album art
Like Candy – Nooky Jones album art
Done unwrapping you
And you know what’s on my mind?
A soft, sweet, tasty treat
And you’re my favorite kind.
Got this craving,
And your lips look divine
And we know what happens
when the cookies and the cream combine..

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Like Candy,” the recently-released title track off Nooky Jones’ forthcoming Like Candy EP (out September 27, 2019). Combining elements of soul, jazz, hip-hop and the spirit of the Twic Cities, Nooky Jones’ Cameron Kinghorn, Reid Kennedy, Adam Meckler, Kevin Gastonguay, Scott Agster, and Andrew Foreman have made a strong name for themselves in the years since their 2017 debut album.

“Like Candy” follows 2018’s horn-driven funk number “Gimme Some More” in highlighting the exceptional range and musicality of a band still finding their “nook” in the grand scheme of sounds and styles. A love song of sorts, the track revolves around vocalist Kinghorn’s aching chorus cries that, in a cute, lyrically clever fashion, echo a not-so subtle desire for intimacy and knowing:

Oh, kisses like candy babe
Ooo, I love
Kisses like candy baby
Oh, kisses like candy babe
Ooo, I love
Kisses like candy baby
Like Candy - Nooky Jones
Like Candy – Nooky Jones single art

Directed by Erik Nelson with cinematography by Kellen Witschen, the “Like Candy” music video brings the song’s sweetness to life in theatrical style. “As soon as we started writing the song I had this ridiculous image of myself in a full candy store employee outfit dancing around a candy store, so there really was no other option at that point,” Kinghorn tells Atwood Magazine The lyrics to ‘Like Candy’ are about as tongue-in-cheek as sexy can get (shoutout to Russel Stover), so we had to make a video that captured this sentiment.”

Nooky Jones are clearly having fun with the whole scene, a deliberate action that amplifies their music’s resonance. We’re in on the joke with them, hence we’re right there together basking in the song’s deeper appreciation for love – which, in its everyday, should feel light, freeing, and fun!

A strong display of the band’s growth and development in recent years, “Like Candy” is an exciting predecessor to what is sure to be a dynamic, funky, and exuberant EP. Nooky Jones will be celebrating the release of the Like Candy EP on Saturday, September 28th at an exclusive event and performance in Paisley Park’s iconic Sound Stage in Chanhassen, MN sponsored by 89.3, The Current. Their performance will mark the first live ticketed concert at Paisley Park since Prince’s passing, and promises to be a IT event of the weekend! More information and tickets can be found here.

For now, stream “Like Candy” exclusively on Atwood Magazine!

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Stream: “Like Candy” – Nooky Jones

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