Today’s Song: The Howlers Unapologetically Have “Nothing to Lose” in Their Soaring New Single

The Howlers © Hattie Neate
The Howlers © Hattie Neate
A whirlwind of soulful rock and fiery Motown, The Howlers’ boisterous latest track, “Nothing to Lose,” is simultaneously timeless and modern.
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Stream: “Nothing to Lose” – The Howlers

Picture this: It’s the summer of 1990; you’re driving 20 miles above the speed limit in some perfectly kept-up vintage car belonging to God-knows-who, and the only source of light is the distant half-crescent moon above you. You meet your best friend’s sparkling eyes in the passenger’s seat, exchanging defiant glares as your foot pushes against the accelerator just the slightest bit more. Neither of you knows exactly where you’re headed– all there is to know is that you’re getting further away from the mundane and melancholy of your suburban hometown, which is beyond a valid reason to just… floor it. With little on your backs, and even littler expectations for what’s yet to come, is there really anything left to lose?

British indie rock trio The Howlers have broken their brief musical silence following their 2021 EP, The Sum of Our Fears, with the release of the cinematic new single, “Nothing To Lose.” A confidently explosive, upbeat rock track, the feeling of running away from home with your best friend well captures the sonic experience crafted by The Howlers.

With Adam Young on lead vocals and guitar, Guus ter Braak on bass, and Cameron Black on drums, the band’s latest single serves as a perfect first sneak peek into their upcoming EP,  Further Down The Line. Produced by Black Honey’s Chris Ostler and Tommy Taylor, and mastered by Felix Davis at Metropolis Studios, the EP is acclaimed as The Howlers’ “most accomplished work to date.”

The Howlers © Hattie Neate
The Howlers © Hattie Neate

You’ve got me running and I don’t know why
But nothing’s gonna break my stride
And I find myself walking the line
But I just can’t seem to make things right

Hugely inspired by classic rock ‘n’ roll, West Coast psychedelic music, and London’s diverse city life, the band’s mixed influences blend beautifully both lyrically and sonically in not only “Nothing To Lose,” but also the rest of their discography.

The single packs a soulful punch uncharacteristic of The Howlers’ usual sound upon checking out their past projects, but they have proven themselves to be artisans in genre-blending and breaking musical boundaries. Despite the song being slightly more experimental, the band nonetheless stays true to themselves while successfully complementing the free spirit and high energy of the lyrics through warm soul elements. Paired with catchy guitar licks and dynamic percussions, “Nothing to Lose” proves to be one beast of a soul track.

Nothing To Lose - The Howlers
Nothing to Lose – The Howlers
I gotta give it to you, you won’t stop
When you’ve got something to prove
I gotta give it to you, don’t give up
When I’ve got nothing to lose

Roaring, self-assured lyrics bring the track’s euphoric indie rock melodies to life, and in true ‘The Howlers’ fashion, the desert biker-ish vibe of their signature sound is amplified.

“I wanted to write a track that had elements of soul sprinkled throughout and to capture that energy that soul music conveys to the listener, but in our own unique way. The track is about exactly what the title suggests – going for broke, so to speak. We were always told as kids if you want something make it yours. Things don’t always go your way but as long as you keep trying, what have you got to lose?” explains Young.

Because the fear of failure is already failure, there are no two ways about it.

The Howlers © Marieke Macklon
The Howlers © Marieke Macklon

So I get high
You get low
Oh I get high
When I’ve got nothing to lose
When I’ve got nothing to lose

Formed in May 2018, The Howlers began as students who went to university together in London, with their name being an homage to struggles in finding an affordable rental space. The band has gone through hell-and-back in their personal lives, which certainly did not help on top of still being fresh faces in the scene. With COVID breaking out in early 2020, frontman Adam Young was now met with the deaths of his grandparents while also being unable to tour. But, this grief allowed for the penning of the popular song ‘I Don’t Love You All The Time,’ “an ode to the trials and tribulations of love and loss in modern times.”

Further Down the Line EP - The Howlers
The Howlers’ forthcoming sophomore EP, ‘Further Down the Line’ is set to release September 30, 2022

“Nothing to Lose” highlights the diversity of The Howlers’ skillset and demonstrates a dichotomy between the themes of their last EP and the upcoming Further Down The Line. The chorus is an anthemic burst of optimism and zeal for not only the present but also the future, presenting a great contrast to the emotional rawness and grief written in The Sum of Our Fears.

The road has been far from easy, but “Nothing To Lose” is an unabashed slap-in-the-face to all of life’s obstacles and is proof that The Howlers are on their way to headlining festivals and making their mark on the world.

Well it might not seem like it now
But everything will get worked out somehow
And each step I take along that line
I just don’t know what I’m gonna find
Oh, You better run rabbit run
Oh, You better run rabbit run
The Howlers © Hattie Neate
The Howlers © Hattie Neate

They say everything happens for a reason, and “Nothing To Lose” presents this saying in a fun and lighthearted manner that truly showcases The Howlers’ musical versatility.

Gearing up for a U.K. tour, alongside the release of their upcoming EP this fall, these East London desert rockers and their jam-packed schedule have shown their passion and authenticity in more ways than one. “Nothing To Lose” is only the beginning of what they have in store.

The Howlers’ sophomore EP, Further Down the Line, is out on September 30th, and there is no better way to say farewell to summer and hello to autumn than this.

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Stream: “Nothing to Lose” – The Howlers

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Nothing To Lose - The Howlers

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