“I Want Sparks to Fly”: Young Artist Olie Beckett Aims to Transform the World Around Him Through Music

Olie Beckett © courtesy of the artist
Olie Beckett © courtesy of the artist
Rising pop prodigy Olie Beckett walks us through the creation of his infectious new release “Heartbeat” and the ever-evolving wonder of becoming an artist.
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“‘Heartbeat’ has that effect where it gets stuck in your head, but in the best way. That’s what I wanted. There’s such positive messages of love and simplicity that I want to circulate to the world. It may sound naive, but I believe that’s what our world needs. What’s the harm in making benevolence a trend?”

Palm Beach, Florida’s Olie Beckett can trace his inspiration back to the very beginning, where he developed his passion for music by catching frequencies on his parents’ radio. Shadowing his father in his radio office and picking up on the melodies his mother would hum while listening along, Beckett became enamored with the spirit of music until one day joining the symphony.

Olie Beckett © courtesy of the artist
Olie Beckett © courtesy of the artist

Cut to countrywide choir auditions, sharing his voice at church, and taking voice lessons with his coach, Melissa. Melissa gave Beckett that reassurance from an early age that he was headed in the right direction with music and theater. The theatrical side of Beckett emerges through the persistent emotional themes and intense feelings that unfold in his music.

“When I was four, I would sing and sing, it became my purpose. I loved music,” he shares.

His recent release “Heartbeat” is a euphoric musing on the experience of having a first crush, and how oftentimes, those feelings resurface as we fall in love over and over again throughout life. The single draws together dopamine-inducing riffs, candied beats, and an effortless vocal from Beckett that makes it clear this is where he belongs. The single was written and produced by Phoenix Stone, who has previously worked with Backstreet Boys.

“Phoenix Stone is such an amazing soul who really saw something in me,” Beckett shares. “He is the epitome of an incredible person. When I first spoke to him, he had a vibe where I felt like I’d known him forever in such a good way. As we worked together, it was a stress-free environment because we both connected with each other’s ideas and drive.”

Olie Beckett © courtesy of the artist
Olie Beckett © courtesy of the artist

The music video for “Heartbeat” takes place where you’d least expect to be swept off your feet; the laundromat. As the track takes over, the music transforms the scene into an exuberant dance sequence that the characters can’t help but join in on.

“I sat down with the very talented Scott Salas. He asked me what message I wanted to convey with this video,” Beckett recalls. “I said, I want it to open on an odd vibe that is almost uncomfortable. But then, I want sparks to fly because that is truthfully my goal with this song. I want people to see how awesome it is to have a good time and just really let go of all your negativity and dance. It’s not cringy to feel the beat if you have a smile on your face!”

The impact of “Heartbeat” is undeniable. It’s clear that Beckett put an immense amount of passion and love into creating the track with the goal in mind of relaying positivity to the world around him. For a young artist, Olie Beckett is a stand out because of his unique sense of self and optimistic outlook on life. Riding high on the success of his recent release, it’s only just the beginning for Olie Beckett.

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