Premiere: The Sea The Sea’s Intimate “Parachute” Is a Beautiful, Enchanting Lullaby

The Sea The Sea © Kiki Vassilakis
Intimate, graceful, and delicate, The Sea The Sea’s “Parachute” is a stirring lullaby – a beautifully serene folk enchantment that enters our lives like a warm, welcoming musical hug.
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Red, red, red, red, light’s coming through, there’s a song in my head.

A wave of calm washes over our ears as New York band The Sea The Sea make their triumphant return: Intimate, graceful, and delicate, “Parachute” is a stirring lullaby – a beautifully serene folk enchantment that enters our lives like a warm, welcoming musical hug.

Parachute - The Sea The Sea

Parachute – The Sea The Sea

Red, green, yellow, blue
Underneath the parachute
I don’t want to wait
I don’t want to wait too long
Red, blue, yellow, green
I want to know what it means
If I start to stay
If I start to stay too long
My heart inflates like a balloon
Don’t hold too tight
Don’t let go too soon

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the lyric video for “Parachute,” The Sea The Sea’s first single of 2020 and first piece of new music in two years’ time. Named one of Atwood Magazine’s 2018 artists to watch, The Sea The Sea are one of today’s premiere indie folk acts: A pop-leaning folk-rock quartet hailing from Troy, New York, the band currently consists of founding members and married couple Mira and Chuck Costa. Given a 9/10 rating by Atwood upon its release, their 2018 sophomore album From the Light was hailed as an earthy and celestial folk rock record rooted in lush melody and intimate emotion: “The Sea The Sea rise with radiant beauty and dazzling energy to sweep us off our feet and capture our hearts. With breathtaking movement and mind-blowing vocals, From the Light is a coming-of-age record that taps into something deep inside… There’s nothing quite like the stirring warmth of rich, sweet music, and few bands do it better than The Sea The Sea.”

“Parachute” marks The Sea The Sea’s long-awaited return after a two-year gap full of touring and lives lived – and oh, what a wonderful return it is. Harmonically rich, intimate, and emotive, “Parachute” finds The Sea The Sea tapping into a familiar, comforting human core.

The Sea The Sea © Kiki Vassilakis

The Sea The Sea © Kiki Vassilakis

“The song grew out of a sort of meditation on stillness within chaos, which feels appropriate for the pandemic conditions we all find ourselves in now,” Mira Costa tells Atwood Magazine. “There was an article I read that connected me with the image of being under one of those parachutes that you play with when you’re a kid, and what it feels like to be in that moment when you’re underneath, everyone is running around, you’re trying to figure out where to go, and then suddenly there can be this moment that almost feels like it’s happening in slow motion where all else is suspended, and there’s calm and maybe even something really beautiful about the colors, the light.”

Blue, green, yellow, red
Saw your eyes as they saw
Watched your lips as they said,
“the world is on fire”
It flickers like a movie screen
The world is on fire
Red, red, red, red
Light’s coming through,
There’s a song in my head
Red, green, yellow, blue
Don’t hold too tight
Don’t let go too soon

For a brief moment, catharsis: “Parachute” evokes that oasis in the desert, a moment of utter bliss and serene euphoria in the midst of an emotional storm.

The band’s lyrics elevate an already mesmerizing listening experience: Mira Costa’s voice is especially haunting, a gorgeous beam of light soaring alongside the delicate, subtle guitars and harmonized vocals of her fellow band members. In those nuanced inflections and momentary seconds of near-total silence, we feel our emotions burst.

And like that, “Parachute” is over. A brief, yet moving 2.5-minute lullaby, The Sea The Sea’s return is simply stunning – a sublime space of sweet tranquility.

The Sea The Sea © Kiki Vassilakis

The Sea The Sea © Kiki Vassilakis

“The video is a handmade stop motion animation made from letters scissored from a stack of old paperbacks from the closet,” Chuck Costa says of the band’s lyric video. “The movement of the letters is inspired by and meant to match the simplicity and lilting playfulness of the lyrics, arrangement and vocal delivery. The whole track feels like a gentle dance and the video is an extension of that feeling.”

Stream The Sea The Sea’s “Parachute” lyric video, exclusively on Atwood Magazine! The band’s forthcoming third album is set for release this summer.

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Stream: “Parachute” – The Sea The Sea

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Parachute - The Sea The Sea

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