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Love may not change from year to year, but its soundtrack certainly does. Artists of every generation have expressed the joys and pains of loving someone special. This Valentine’s Day you can fall in love all over again with our playlist of new releases that will make your heart swoon and soar. While we need no excuse to celebrate love, Valentine’s Day is as good a reason as any to recognize that powerful emotion that drives us to the ends of the earth, and beyond: Love, love, love.

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In order to love, one must be vulnerable, open, ready to give their all. In order to love, one must be ready to hurt.  Feelings are hard to tame, and pain is almost inevitable whether you have something great that falls apart or are trying to deal with unrequited love. Amidst all the pain, a broken heart can yield great things. Atwood Magazine has compiled some of the best and latest songs to help you heal and remind you to delete that heartbreaker’s number off your phone.

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