Podcast: Tunes & Tumblers’ Oops! All Barbenheimer!

Tunes & Tumblers x Barbenheimer July 2023
Tunes & Tumblers x Barbenheimer July 2023
Every other week, Anthony Kozlowski pens the Atwood Magazine column Tunes & Tumblers, pairing new and classic albums with cocktail recipes. He quickly found however that drinking alone is a sad business. So he invited his friends into a recording booth to aid in mixing delicious drinks and to discuss the music that they all love. Strap on your headphones and enjoy a cold one on us. 
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Join the Tunes & Tumblers gang for a roundup of all our Barbenheimer feels.
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words by Lilly Eason

This week the gang sits down for our monthly chit-chat about all of our past, present and future favorites from the last and next month. To start Leo season on the right foot, we did our favorite thing ever: put Anthony in a conversation with only Leos. We celebrate the sexiest celestial season by officially welcoming our newest drinking buddy Jamie to the pod, letting Lilly go on a rant about Christopher Nolan’s inability to create dimensional female characters, and Kaylin’s flawless execution of her wittiest pun about hot garbage ever.

But beyond our astrological obsession, we talk all things Barbenheimer: The good, the bad, the Bechdel test fails. Don’t worry, we only spoil the stuff you (probably) already know.

Check out our newest episode of Tunes & Tumblers on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Cheers!

Wanna drink with us? Then you’ve gotta do it responsibly.

Have your own idea for a Tunes & Tumblers pairing? Let us know in the comments, or hit us up on Twitter.

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