Podcast: Tunes & Tumblers’ September Roundtable ft. AI Boyfriends, NFL Fails, & Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘GUTS’ (feat. Madeline Maye)

Atwood Magazine's Tunes & Tumblers Podcast!
Atwood Magazine's Tunes & Tumblers Podcast!
Every other week, Anthony Kozlowski pens the Atwood Magazine column Tunes & Tumblers, pairing new and classic albums with cocktail recipes. He quickly found however that drinking alone is a sad business. So he invited his friends into a recording booth to aid in mixing delicious drinks and to discuss the music that they all love. Strap on your headphones and enjoy a cold one on us. 
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The Tunes & Tumblers regulars rehash all of September’s wildest moments in music – including AI boyfriends, Usher and the NFL, and Olivia Rodrigo’s ‘GUTS’ – and chats with LA-based electropop singer/songwriter Madeline Maye!
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words by Anthony Kozlowski

It’s that time of the month!

Pour yourself a PSL, pick out your Spooky Season costumes, and join Anthony, Kaylyn, and Erik as they rehash all of September’s wildest moments in music. Rounding out our already round table is LA electropop singer/songwriter Madeline Maye who makes her TnT debut after a few stints behind the 1’s and 0’s.

Check out her debut single “Try” on Bandcamp, and then slide back to the show to hear our regulars discuss Spotify’s will-they-won’t-they affair with AI, the NFL trying save their image with Usher, and Olivia Rodrigo’s hit sophomore album, GUTS!


Check out our newest episode of Tunes & Tumblers on Spotify and Apple Podcasts. Cheers!

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