Premiere: Rumour Mill Blend Grace & Movement with Poignant Folk in “Wake Me Up” Video

Rumour Mill © Maia DeHaan
An elegant, dramatic performance piece, Canadian duo Rumour Mill’s “Wake Me Up” video captures the act of letting love go with grace, majesty, and feeling.
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There is no proper way to part with love or leave it entirely; one of the finer points of love is that it is an intangible, yet ever-present connection – but Rumour Mill’s new music video goes a long way to giving such bittersweet goodbyes and sweeter charm. An elegant, dramatic performance piece, Rumour Mill’s “Wake Me Up” video captures the act of letting love go with grace, majesty, and feeling.

Gone with the Wine - Rumour Mill

Gone with the Wine – Rumour Mill

When I awake and you’re gone
Nothing has gone wrong
Still feel you beside me, telling me it will be fine
When you awake and I’m gone
How long before it’s too long
Close your eyes, am I with you?
Do you still feel me close to you?

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the Pool Service Productions-directed and produced music video for “Wake Me Up,” taken from Rumour Mill’s recently-released (and incredibly titled) sophomore EP, Gone with the Wine (independently out September 18, 2020).

The Vancouver-based duo of lifelong friends Aline Daigle (violin/vocals) and Anna Katarina (piano/vocals), Rumour Mill introduced themselves with the Christmas song “Bells & Mistletoe” in late 2018 and followed with their debut EP Daylight’s Free less than five months later. With strong roots in folk and country, the band elevate their intimate songwriting through lush vocal harmonies and organic, rootsy instrumental work.

Rumour Mill © Maia DeHaan

Rumour Mill © Maia DeHaan

Arriving two years after their last EP, Gone with the Wine showcases a nurtured artistry that is continually growing while honing its chops. Songs like “I Should Know Better” and “Home” offer vivid arrangements where the violins dazzle and swoon unsuspecting ears; meanwhile, tracks like “Shiver” (with chris sol) and “Wake Me Up” arrive to the ears like finely finessed vessel of emotional upheaval. “Wake Me Up” is a particularly stirring recording, featuring a bittersweet chorus marrying passion with pain:

Wake me up when you’re
feeling so lonely, heartbroken sad
Wake me up just to kiss me goodbye

Featuring dancers Sarah Hutton and Aiden Cass, the music video expertly captures and adds to the song’s vivid emotional palette. “’Wake Me Up’ is about letting love go gracefully,” Anna Katarina tells Atwood Magazine. “Sarah Hutton and Aiden Cass encompass the emotion of this song in a way that is so beautiful and raw. The first time we saw them dance the piece together, our hearts ached, as they do every time we watch the video. It’s so dreamy! This video brings the music to life in a whole new way.”

For a grounded approach to heavy-hearted goodbyes and intimate farewells, watch Rumour Mill’s “Wake Me Up” video exclusively on Atwood Magazine.

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Stream: “Wake Me Up” – Rumour Mill

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Gone with the Wine - Rumour Mill

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