Premiere: Get Loose with Sazzie’s Sexy, Flirty, Feelgood “Do You Work Out?”

Sazzie’s sizzling debut “Do You Work Out?” offers a tasteful critique through fun, flirty progressive pop with an edge.

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Pick-up lines are crazy,  and it’s high time an artist did something about it! Sazzie’s sizzling debut “Do You Work Out?” offers a tasteful critique through fun, flirty progressive pop with an edge.

Do You Work Out? - Sazzie
Do You Work Out? – Sazzie
I’ve been watching you for a while
and I just can’t stop thinking about it

It’s a question that’s been
going round my head
for a very long time

It’s essential for my whole existence
I just gotta know
Tell me right now right here
Do you work out?

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the frenetic music video for “Do You Work Out?,” Sazzie’s dazzling debut single. The moniker for Sarah McIntosh (formerly of The Good Natured and Lovestarrs), Sazzie delivers an energizing blend of high-caliber synthpop, electronica and dance music the likes of which we haven’t heard years.

Refreshing, bold, and here for a good time, “Do You Work Out?” “was inspired by cheesy pick up lines,” per the artist. In writing her solo debut, Sazzie says she wanted to poke fun at the ridiculous lines younger singles will try out at the bar or online, without being too serious or over-the-top. “I find it so funny when people use [pick up lines] seriously! I wanted to take the mick out of these cringey one-liners, but also be super fun about it! It’s very tongue-in-cheek. The song is also about feeling sexy and flirty and having a good time!”

Sazzie © Anna Maria Lopez
Sazzie © Anna Maria Lopez

Released in May, “Do You Work Out?” feels in some a sense like a throwback to the initial EDM/pop crossover; its big builds and deep drops, heavy beats and pulsing rhythms keep the audience engaged and on bumping along from start to finish.”I wanted to take electronic dance music to a pop place with a hooky tagline that people can sing,” Sazzie explains. To find the right production for her debut single, Sazzie turned to The Beastie Boys’ Mix Master Mike, who mixed and scratched on the record. “I just love the vintage hip-hop spin Mike has added to the track with his scratching.”

“Do You Work Out?” is the kind of fringe pop song that could potentially lead the way forward; after all, Katy Perry and Madonna were once considered progressive and left-of-center, too. Sazzie’s debut is fun and free-spirited, bordering on ridiculous in the best way. Despite having an enchanting voice, the artist chants the track’s main verse with a hypnotic nonchalance: “I’ve been watching you for a while, and I just can’t stop thinking about it,” she exhorts, breaking into sweeter melodies in a revved-up pre-chorus that spills straight into a pounding refrain:

You’re too hot my brain is melting
My heart accelerating
You got me over heating ahh oh
I wanna know
Do you work out?
Take off that shirt wanna see your body
Every day every night
Do you work out?

Do You Work Out? - Sazzie

Do You Work Out? - Sazzie

Self-described as “energetic, sexy, and over-the-top silliness,” Sazzie’s “Do You Work Out?” music video is the perfect complement to her song’s indulgent music and lyrics. Bright colors dazzle the eyes as we’re given a first-class ticket to some rowdy, classy summer fun.

“The ‘Do You Work Out?’ video is about a bachelorette party which gets shut down by the cops because us girls get a little crazy!” Sazzie tells Atwood Magazine. “It was my first experience of a male stripper, which was super fun and hilarious! I also wanted to channel the ’80s vibe in this video, because I grew up listening to all my parents’ old ’80s vinyl – which give me so much inspiration, both sonically and aesthetically as an artist.”

A buzzworthy persona with surefire pop radio potential, Sazzie is a definite artist to watch, and “Do You Work Out?” is only the tip of the iceberg. McIntosh has been in the studio with top producers across Europe, finding and refining her voice whilst amassing a slew of “bangers.” Translation: If you like this song, just wait for what Sazzie’s got in store.

Emerging with edgy poise and brimming with an infectious confidence, Sazzie seems like a pop artist we want to root for: The kind who’s in it to make us feel good, without dumbing herself down or  pandering to the lowest common denominator.

After all, “Do You Work Out?” is a critique: Pick-up lines are utter nonsense, a juvenile mockery at best. But why scorn something when you can mock it affectionately?

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Do You Work Out? - Sazzie

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