Review: Sleepwalker’s Self-Titled EP Is an Emotive & Burning Assortment Not to Be Slept on

Sleepwalker's self-titled debut EP
Sleepwalker's self-titled debut EP
Sleepwalker, the brainchild of NJ-based singer/songwriter and producer Kevin Harrison, has debuted with an EP reflecting on dealings after dark.
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Musician Kevin Harrison, formally known for his time with folk-rock bands Broken Compass Society and Kevin Harrison & True North, has embarked on a new creative journey with his latest project.

Sleepwalker is an endeavor written, performed, produced, and recorded by Harrison. His self-titled debut EP Sleepwalker clutches listeners tight with a bluesy synth-pop charm that is wholly gritty and organic. Evoking a quality of bands like The Black Keys and Muse yet creating something all his own, the six-track body of work oozes with a piercing power. Released on June 27, 2024, this offering dipped in reverb is as enchanting as it is accessible.

Sleepwalker EP
Sleepwalker’s debut EP

Atwood Magazine previously featured the track “When The Lights Go Down” which is the raw and seductive EP opener. The preceding piece describes it as “A bold track that will have you on the edge of your seat, begging the question… ‘Where do you go baby, when the lights go down?’” His gravelly tone set atop a basin of fuzzy synths pleads to have a partner close by. We all just want to be loved in the way we deserve making this song resonate fiercely.

Then there is the softer sound of “Wake Me Up.” This passionate release radiates folk rock flavor. The deep, distorted arrangement is the ideal backdrop for his moody vocals. Singing, “I’ve been drifting for far too long,” it is a common feeling and we sense that intense strain. As a new parent you know the aching sensation of sleepless nights and the uncertainty of what’s to come. Anyone who has dealt with major changes though, can relate to this work.

The title track “Sleepwalker” examines where our mind goes in the quietness of the night. In that time our wandering minds can go wild. The echoed, haunting vocals and dark vibe of the track curates that feeling seamlessly.

Harrison concludes with the guitar-driven “Delirium,” a smoldering instrumental rock piece that is sure to ignite a flame within. Something about this one seems so intimate like a personal concert or a sound check before a show. With every commanding progression we are hooked deeper and deeper.


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Each part of Sleepwalker tells its own unique story.

Kevin Harrison has constructed a captivating collection of songs, breaking away from all constraints. It showcases his limitless potential of musical innovation. It possesses a calm yet fiery juxtaposition that has our brains hot-wired. The EP is a boundless sonic adventure that you do not want to end.

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Sleepwalker EP

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