Premiere: Innocence Lost in Satellite Mode’s Resilient “Gave It All”

Never underestimate the resilient power of the individual spirit. A hero dwells within each and every one of us; we are all stronger than we know. In a time where dark, evil forces seem on the rise, the responsibility falls on the individual to stand up for what is good, and do the right thing. This applies to protecting immigrants, speaking out against racism and bigotry, and more. A driving indie pop expanse, Satellite Mode’s DACA-inspired “Gave It All” rings out with hope, passion, and resilience in the face of prejudice.

Gave It All - Satellite Mode
Gave It All – Satellite Mode
I gave, I gave it all
Nameless when you found me
I broke, I broke the wall
Just to watch you build it up again

Atwood Magazine is proud to be premiering the music video for “Gave It All,” the brand new single from NYC indie/electro-pop band Satellite Mode. The New York City electro-pop project of Jess Carvo and Alex Marko introduced themselves in 2016 and released a pseudo-debut album (an “expansion” from their EP), entitled Wild Excuses, just last December. The group mixes spacey, experimental pop with vibrant, grounding melodies that give each of their songs a unique, dynamic charm.

“Gave It All” finds Satellite Mode deeply engaged with the times and determined to do something about it. Independently released today, 6/1/2018, the song depicts the emotional perspective of someone who came to a new place with determination and hope to create something new. “There’s a sense of longing and anger intertwined,” the band tells Atwood Magazine.” “A little bit of “oh ya? Try me” was put into this song.”

Fell through the cracks
Made it on out
Followed the plans of a criminal
Called me a dreamer
On the screen
Some new believer, on a longer leash
Mild taste of freedom
Bread in the can
Still I hear the keeper
Coming for it

Starring two young children, the “Gave It All” music video evokes both a sense of lost innocence as well as steadfast resilience and perseverance. The band explaisn how its storyline “is about a young alien boy as he lands on Earth (a rural town in Texas), makes his way into the suburbs, and makes a new friend with whom he spends the rest of the day. Together, they gain something from each other: The boy witnesses new life, and his friend temporarily escapes her realities.”

“When you’ve been put through the ringer and you can’t help but get back up again and again. That angst, that passion, that kind of “survival mode” is what we felt making this song.”

Satellite Mode © Shervin Lainez
Satellite Mode © Shervin Lainez
I gave, I gave it all
Nameless when you found me
I broke, I broke the wall
Just to watch you build it up again

Satellite Mode hold strong and steady in a fiery response to our government’s (and many citizens’) overt prejudice. There’s no place for bistanders anymore; we need to engage on all cylinders, through whatever means necessary: Through music and other forms of art, through political organizing, through public marches and rallies, and ultimately, through electing responsible leaders who will act in the best interests of all – not just a select few.

“Gave It All” is a vibing anthem about standing up for oneself, and its video drives the message home. Stream “Gave It All” exclusively on Atwood Magazine, and connect with Satellite Mode via their socials below!

Behind the drama
Click-bait social feed
Beneath the smoke blowing grey and green
I lay here uncertain
Without a name
A feather caught in the winds of a nation’s rage
Pre Chorus
Drowning in red ink
My curtain call
Dragged by the hands
They’re coming for me
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Gave It All - Satellite Mode

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