Premiere: Owen Ross’ “Steps of Your Home” Draws Unique Inspiration and Confident Vulnerability

Owen Ross © 2017
Owen Ross © 2017
Weight meets vulnerability in supercharged singer-songwriter display on Owen Ross’ new single, “Steps of Your Home.”

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The opening of “Steps of Your Home” sounds like a warcry. It’s a production line filled with passion and hard-lined harmonies, leaving no room for weak interpretation. It’s nearly intimidating: a song that is bound to be aggressive and demanding in sound in the best of ways.

Owen Ross, Berlin-based singer-songwriter, is a thrill: even if you don’t know his previous work, created under the name Goste, just one listen to “Steps Of Your Home” will show any listener how Ross has an incredible way with both sound design and lyrical content. Atwood Magazine is proud to premiere this track because of its individuality and tough spirit.

The tallest of mountains
You conquer each stone
But you still haven’t mastered
The steps of your home
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As Ross’ vocals join the intricate production, the theory of a harshness is proven to be correct yet debunked as an underlying softness enters the scene. There is no obvious delicacy in production or vocal tone, yet the combination of two powerful entities produces a vulnerability which allows listeners into a deeper feeling than just the sound at hand. Ross’ voice is deep and bass-heavy, yet combined with instrumental lines, it sounds inviting and indie-perfect in an ultimately dominating way.

Steps of Your Home - Owen Ross
Steps of Your Home – Owen Ross
In the depths of the ocean
And your lungs are at ease
In the house you return to
And you struggle to breathe
As long as you know,
as long as you know
that this will tear us apart

Our skin from our clothes,
our flesh from our bones
and you from my arms

Production wise, “Steps Of Your Home” is insanely impressive. The track’s computer-dominated instrumentals are intricate and intertwined with unique twists and strategically placed accelerations of sound. It’s a beat line that could very well be stable enough on it’s own. With the lyrical placement and all-around sound of Ross’ vocals, the song becomes a prepared powerhouse representing its own life and musical inspiration.

Owen Ross © 2017
Owen Ross © 2017

And if the sound of the song wasn’t impressive enough, Ross’ lyrical content is filled with depth and self-exploration in the story of a significant other who has yet to find themselves. The writing is personal. In lyrics like “ As long as you know, as long as you know that this will tear us apart

Our skin from our clothes, our flesh from our bones and you from my arms,” Ross’ poetic artistry becomes apparent and the personal connection to each lyric seems obvious. But while Ross writes from experience, his inspiration is different from many artists.

Do they all come to listen?
Do they pray while you preach?
When they come to your island,
Do they stay on the beach?
Do you open their hearts up?
Do you open their eyes?
Do you tower before them?
Do you block out the skies?
Owen Ross © 2017
Owen Ross © 2017

“I often try to write songs from the perspective of other people, especially people I don’t know,” said Ross. “ I inevitably fill in the gaps in what I know about those people’s perspective with my personal experience, so ultimately, I’m writing from my own perspective but through the lens of my perception of my subject.”

“Steps Of Your Home” was ultimately inspired by the story of Ana Valencia Chavez, the ex-wife of Dr. Jose Manuel Mireles. The story of the two was interesting to Ross because Mireles upheld “superhuman” accomplishments, yet was unable to keep his marriage together.

From all angles, “Steps Of Your Home” is refreshingly unique, a track that can’t be summarized without a personal listen. From a heavy, confident production arrangement to a tale of inspiration and vulnerable lyrics, it’s a track that speaks for itself and its perfection in every note and every line.

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Fluorescent - Owen Ross

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